Short Hair Styles For Women Over 50

In all of its transformations and variations, the short haircut has always been numbered on top of the checklist regarding flexibility, style, and manageability. No other design catches the eye, somewhat like short hair, and nothing else design makes the user look like a specialist, stylish and attractive as carefully cropped locks.

Short styles put on by women are a relatively brand-new design fad when compared with females’ hairdos generally. Chopped classes just concerned the leading edge of fashion a bit greater than 50 years back. Because that time, the short haircut has provided ladies the freedom to express themselves in many methods. From the cool and increased to the soft and womanly, the route can be used by any female of any individuality, style, and age.

It has long been believed that an older female should use a much shorter design to make her appear younger. While there is some fact in this belief, long hair often tends to create creases and flaws a lot more obvious, routes, as well as lengthy hairstyles, can be put on by women of all ages if they pick the ideal design to compliment their particular face shape as well as the bone framework.

An excellent rule of thumb to comply with when selecting a route to suit your age is to pay more interest to your general look instead of focusing too much on just how old you are. For instance: Stylish, spiked designs can stress problems and sagging skin, but I have seen females in their 70s with unique bone structures use these brief hairdos and look impressive. On the other hand, I have also seen more youthful females try to use these very same styles and not have the ability to carry it off reasonably. So, if you wish to put on a route, pay attention to your face shape development and dress style before determining exactly how to cut your hair.

Meryl Streep’s black attire and eyewear frame are aptly balanced with this fair wispy hairstyle that breathes with ease and comfort. Meryl’s face is gracefully framed with side bangs so that her forehead remains open but gains some flattering volume above.

Jodie Foster rocks bob hairstyles quite often, but this one stands out with its particular charm and naturalness. The adorable messy waves with a light effect of wet hair flatter Jodie’s face, softening its contours, and they do suit her image in whole.

Kate Mulgrew’s broad face benefits from hairstyles with added volume that can be easily achieved at shorter lengths thanks to backcombing. A nice lift at the roots and light voluminous texture build up this sassy hairstyle, appropriate for ladies over 50.

At the age of 56 Sharon Stone still remains a sex symbol. Her sassy short hairstyles are always a part of her image. For the Cannes 2014 film festival the actress had her short blonde locks lifted at the roots and swept back to get this effortless and relaxed look.

Another Cannes’ style from Sharon Stone is gaining a more sophisticated and formal touch, manifested in the sleeker finish and neater texture, but some flattering lift at the roots is still present here too.

Katie Couric’s radiant look instantly draws attention to her bright blue eyes and stylish A-line ‘do with the enhanced texture and disconnected ends. Subtle highlights and some volume around your face are big pluses.

Iman looks fantastic with her low updo, and you’ll never believe that she is actually 59. If you have a slim oval or triangular face, like Iman’s, you can experiment with different kinds of updos, including trendy low updos.

Many women of different ages opt for diverse bob variations. Iman’s bob is a classy example of an A-line bob with a glossy finish, long side bangs and sharply-angled face-framing pieces. So chic!

Ellen DeGeneres stays loyal to the pixie haircut that she styles sometimes sleek and delicately textured or spiky and sassy at other times. This textured pixie looks absolutely natural, spontaneous and free of styling products. Plus, it brings out the thickness of Ellen’s chopped locks.

Robin Roberts’s wavy hair looks good in extra short haircuts. It’s an excellent self-styling option for women with a lovely face shape. In this photo Robin’s bangs are lifted and combed back for a glossy formal look.

I like this short wavy hairstyle from Robin Roberts even more. It features the harmonious tapered silhouette flattering Robin’s face, and outstanding aerial texture of short curls above her forehead.

Lori Petty is one of those women who look adorable with crewcuts. If they flatter you, it’s a sure chance to look younger and fresher when you are over 50. Lori has her crewcut brushed and styled at different directions to add some zest to this initially unpretentious style.

The secret of looking modern and stylish for older ladies is simple: avoid overly gloomed, hair-to-hair hairstyles, as they add years and make you look old-fashioned. Check Diane Keaton’s lovely A-line shag. It’s contemporary, chic and perfectly imperfect. Choose your optimal length, flattering silhouette and texture, and be sure to follow the mood.

Helen Mirren’s lovely face shape has retained its charm and grace through years. So, she can easily afford chic asymmetric hairstyles like this one. Note that Helen’s elegant ‘do for short hair is complimented by wispy bangs across the forehead.

This lovely silvery blonde bob is lifted at the roots, combed back and tucked behind the ears to create a perfect formal look for Helen Mirren. A simple hairstyle is always the optimal choice for a fancy dress and accessories.

Jamie Lee Curtis has made this silver pixie her statement hairstyle. The feathery texture and salt-and-pepper color are its major attractions, but the most important thing is that it becomes Jamie Lee.

Be careful with vintage hairstyles, because they can easily add you years. Meanwhile, we see that Madonna has succeeded with the experiment. Her curly bob oozes retro chic and enhanced femininity.

Angela Bussett’s bob is, on the contrary, 100% modern. Its adorable A-line silhouette frames Angela’s pretty face in the curtain-like way, conveying her ravishing appearance a mysterious and sexy flair.

Wow, this is lovely! Enhancing the curls on the basis of the same A-line bob haircut, Angela Bussett has come up with this fancy hairdo for special occasions. Her messy curls offer both intricate fancy texture and edgy contours.

The bright look of Joan Jett suggests a dazzling hairstyle to match. This messy layered look with chaos on the crown and neat sides gives the optimal effect. It brings out Joan’s eyes and compliments both her appearance and personality.

Ellen Barkin’s classy blonde bob with deep darkened roots feature elongated front pieces and long side bangs which shape the flattering A-line silhouette and a sort of sexy peek-a-boo style.

Here is a completely different hairstyle from Ellen Barkin, but the same “wow” impression from her image and excellent taste. The elongated lines of Ellen’s hairstyle support and compliment the classy laconism of her look.

Ellen Barkin shows us that looking elegant and stylish with short hair is easy in any age. Her short haircut is side-parted and styled edgy on one side to bring out the long streaky bangs, while the other side is modestly tucked behind the ear.

With minimalistic hairstyles you can afford bigger and brighter accessories. And we see that Ellen Barking uses this principle skillfully when building her stylish looks. Her modest pixie with a silky finish is sweet, cute and extremely appealing.

I bet most of us would recognize Anna Wintour’s bob even from the back view. The symmetry and ideal shape are among its brightest features. And they are, certainly, paired with the straight horizontal bangs.

Sigourney Weaver’s thick curly hair is easily styled in short hairstyles. Although the chosen length is hitting at her jaw corners, and it should actually accentuate her strong jaw line, Sigourney’s curls soften all the angles and add an elegant feel to her look.

And this length and shape are, unquestionably, flattering for square faces. We see how delicately this rounded bob frames Sigourney Weaver’s face in soft feminine lines. The shine-boosting effect enhances the beauty and quality of this classic hairstyle.

Jessica Lange’s caramel blonde curls render her look the light careless feel that is flattering for a woman in any age. The fluffy blonde curls appear voluminous, touchable and extremely feminine.

Glenn Close wears a very simple short hairstyle with some lift at the roots and neat bangs across the forehead. It’s ideal to reveal the beautiful oval of her face and classy earrings. I would also recommend removing the yellowish tint from her grey locks to get a clear noble silver hue.

Glenn Close looks fantastic, rocking this natural-looking hairstyle with the length at the nape. Her soft silver blonde locks frame her face and convey extra grace and delicacy to her looks. And the earrings are again there to enhance the shine of Glenn’s eyes.

Here is one more length and one more hairstyle for Glenn Close from the Breakthrough Prize Awards 2014. As we see, textured blonde curls paired with a women’s tuxedo jacket look pretty impressive.

Lauren Hutton remains very beautiful at her 70 y.o. Her short haircut with defined curls adorned with coloristic compliments looks young and lively. I love the blonde touches at the ends of her locks here and there.

Raquel Welch is simply irresistible. Her edgy voluminous shag screams with beautiful texture and wonderful choice of hair hues. A nice lift at the roots and layers of flicks for fairly thick hair are exactly what it takes to achieve this fabulous effect.

Gloria Estefan rocks the chic angled bob that holds shape and demonstrates the beautiful hair color combination for brunettes. Gloria’s bangs are backcombed and swept back for an extra lift above the forehead which is very welcome in evening hairdos.

If you are searching ideas of elegant short hairstyles for thick hair, Michele Obama’s classy looks are an endless source of inspiration. This edgy A-line bob features a classy silhouette, nice volume and great texture.

The short haircut for blonde hair seems very refreshing. Although it’s very neat and accurately groomed, it still features light roughness on top as a cute modern touch. I bet nobody will ever guess your true age with such a gorgeous hairstyle!

Bob is a fabulous hairstyle, rocked by ladies from 6 to 60 and over. Not to look dated, ask your hairdresser for an angled cut, but you don’t have to end up with very sharp angles. Add highlights and wispy bangs.

Ashy blonde delicate curls, swept backwards, shape a beautiful elegant style with a romantic tint. As it turns out, you can look dignified and feminine with a quite short and rather simple hairstyle.

Pixie, same like bob, is extremely flattering for ladies of any age with regular oval (or close to oval) facial shape. Being proud of your salt and pepper hair and sporting a cropped pixie like this deserves the highest praise, really.

If you hair is thick, you can confidently copy Jane Fonda’s signature shaggy hairstyle with layering down the cheek bones and flipped out ends. With subtle highlights it will sparkle much brighter.

Shags don’t always look challenging and emphatically youthful. Older women can also sport shag hairstyles like this with soft jagged edges and backcombing at the roots.