Awesome Pool Hacks for Beautify a Backyard.

Surround Your Aboveground Pool with Beautiful Plants.

Aboveground pools are always more affordable than those built into the ground—but they also tend to be the most unsightly. Here is a pool which proves you don’t need to do anything fancy to make an aboveground pool look good. Even just adding a few plants around the perimeter can work wonders!
Source: handymantips

Build an Aboveground Pool Deck

One way you can really spruce up the appearance of an aboveground pool is to build a deck around the outside of it. This also can provide a place to sit around the edge or place pool toys, drinks, and so on. Check the link below for some instructions to get you started.
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Build Your Own Private Tiki Bar

Here’s a genius idea! That is a pretty standard aboveground pool—on its own, it really would be an eyesore. But simply by fencing it in with some reeds and adding an umbrella and some barstools with a small countertop, it has been transformed into an adorable little slice of the tropics!

Source: craftyincrosby

Make a Cute Sign

This is a continuation of the project above. This adorable sign is made from pallet boards, and helps to complete the look—and add some humor!

Source: craftyincrosby

Build a Rock Step Entry

Here is another very cool way to help an aboveground pool to better meld into the surrounding landscape. Along with some plants, a set of steps has been constructed here out of rocks. It’s absolutely beautiful to look at!
Source: pinterest

Build a Swimming Pool Using Pallets

Who says you need to buy a regular aboveground pool? If you don’t like that look at all, no matter how well it is disguised, or you just want to do-it-yourself, consider building an aboveground pool from the ground up using wood pallets. The supplies are cheap and the finished design is gorgeous!

Source: diypalletfurniture

Use a Galvanized Steel Stock Tank

This backyard swimming pool is the perfect size for the kids to splash around in, and it is made out of a galvanized steel stock tank with some improvised plumbing. This is a very clever and affordable design, coming in at around $500 for the whole project.

Source: apartmenttherapy

Make a Pool Out of Pallets and a Tarp

Previously I shared a swimming pool made out of pallets. Now I want to share another wood pallet design. If you check out the source link, you can view a series of photos showing the steps as it all comes together.

Source: diyncrafts

Build the Pool Out of Hay Bales

You wouldn’t think that you could build a swimming pool out of something as simple as hay bales, but with a tarp, it can be done. This is probably one of the most cost-effective methods you could use, especially if you already had the hay bales handy.

Source: reddit

Go Dumpster Diving.

This photo comes from a block party that was thrown in Philadelphia. If you search the web, you’ll find many other photos like it of other impromptu swimming pools made by filling dumpsters with water. These Philly locals got in some trouble since they used water from a fire hydrant—so whatever you do, don’t do that.

Source: philadelphia

The Pool Box

This backyard swimming pool in New Orleans reportedly also began life as a trash container, but looking at it, you would never guess! It is absolutely beautiful to behold, and certainly is a far cry from most of the other dumpster pools you’ll see. Architect Stefan Beese really took this concept to new heights!

Source: beesign-la

Build a Pretty Staircase

One way you can quickly spruce up the appearance of even the most mundane backyard pool is to incorporate a beautiful staircase. Not only is the staircase functional, but it vastly improves the appearance of the pool, and makes it feel more inviting.

Source: pinterest

Add a Pool Slide

More concerned with how fun your backyard pool is than how it looks? Think about adding in a waterslide for your kids. Believe me, they won’t be the only ones who love it—suddenly your backyard pool will be the envy of the entire neighborhood! Plus, even though the slide doesn’t necessarily beautify the pool in any traditional sense, it does give it a more “finished” appearance.

Source: dad-u

Build a Sun Dome

If the summer backyard swimming season ends sooner than you’d like, consider constructing a sun dome like this one. A sun dome can help regulate and trap heat, which could help you reduce your costs and enjoy your pool later in the year. Additionally, it helps to screen out insects (a great benefit throughout the summer) as well as debris, making it easier to clean and maintain your pool.


Place Your Pool in the Ground

Seriously, sometimes it really is worth it to just dig a hole in the ground. Is it a lot of work? Yes. But can it make even the most basic aboveground children’s pool look fantastic? Yes!

Source: home-decor-ideass

Build Your Own Concrete Swimming Pool

This guy was looking at $30,000 to get a concrete swimming pool installed, so he scrapped that plan and built it himself with his son for a mere $7,000. It was a lot of work, but well worth it as you can see in this photo—just take a look at that amazing view! Be sure to visit the source link to and check out photos of the pool in development and find out more about how he did it.

Source: instructables

Shipping Container Pool

Got an old shipping container lying around not doing anything? Why not turn it into a swimming pool? As this photo proves, this works quite well—though rust is a bit of an issue. If you visit the link below, you can find out more about how the shipping container pool was constructed and what challenges it has posed. After 7 years, it has held up pretty great.

Source: theepic

Add a Few Embellishments

In many ways, this little backyard pool is the essence of simplicity—and on its own, it wouldn’t look like much, would it? What really makes it look outstanding is its proximity to the fence along with the little embellishments—the shelf, the plants, the lights, the shower heads, and of course that cute little waterfall, which is just genius! It just goes to show, you don’t have to get too fancy or expensive just to make your pool look incredible.

Source: astrollthrulife

This Pool is Flat-Out Gorgeous

I don’t even know where to begin when it comes to describing how stunning this backyard pool is! Obviously this would be a very expensive job to commission, but the results just steal your breath away. Beautiful work.

Source: houzz

Build a Bar Around Your Pool

This is a self-cleaning hot tub, but you could do the exact same thing with any backyard swimming pool—build a bar around it! The woodworking here is beautiful, and there is shade for those hot, bright summer days as well.

Source: thehottubandswimspacompany

Backyard Spa

This is the same self-cleaning hot tub model that was pictured above, only here you see a totally different backyard pool idea. Once again, I am blown away by the woodworking, and by the simplicity and elegance of the design.

Source: thehottubandswimspacompany

Put Your Pool Under a Pergola

This lovely pergola frames this hot tub beautifully, and also provides for a great lighting solution in the evenings. This would work equally well with any small backyard swimming pool!

Source: westerntimberframe

Use a Glass Wall in Construction

Okay, so you knew I was going to have at least a few outlandishly unrealistic ideas in here, right? I couldn’t resist with this one—that view is jaw-dropping! If you do happen to have this kind of view in your backyard … and the luxury of lots of cash … be sure to use it like these homeowners did, and commission a backyard pool with a glass side.

Source: houzz

Think About Installing a Long Swimming Pool

This is another pool that is probably outside your budget—but hey, maybe you are lucky and you can put in a custom installation like this. I wanted to share this pool because it is long and narrow. If you want to swim laps and not just splash around, this design is amazing!
Source: houzz

Imitate Nature

This pool also would only be something you could afford if you had an extravagant budget, but isn’t it amazing how it melds almost seamlessly into the natural environment?

Source: houzz

Construct a Natural Swimming Pool Yourself

Then again, maybe building a natural swimming pool complete with water lilies and other beautiful plants is not outside of your budget—if you do it yourself! Visit the source link below for a fairly comprehensive article which teaches you exactly how to do it.

Source: diyncrafts

Build a Pool House

This is a fairly extravagant deck and pool house, but you can see that it was built around a pretty standard aboveground pool. The deck looks incredible—this would totally make you feel like you were on vacation in your own backyard each day! Even if you couldn’t construct something this fancy yourself, you might be able to do something similar on a smaller scale.
Source: crestwoodpools

Steps and Levels

It’s amazing how beautiful a backyard pool can look if you just incorporate some steps and levels using wood or stone.
Source: pinterest

Use a Trellis

Here we have a lovely backyard swimming pool which has been surrounded with reeds for that “Tiki” look, along with some potted plants. The addition of the trellis here is the unique feature I want to draw your attention to. What a beautiful way to create a pool deck!
Source: pinterest

Long Above Ground Pool for Laps

You don’t necessarily need to build a pool into the ground in order to get a long pool which you can swim lengths in. Here is an example of an aboveground pool which is suitable for exercise.

Source: apartmenttherapy

Enclose the Pool with Some Lovely Stonework

While the Tiki look is very cool, maybe you want to aim for a different look and feel in your backyard. Here we have a backyard pool with some stonework along the side. Who says aboveground pools can’t look classy?

Source: apartmenttherapy

Build a Glass Wall Swimming Pool

This is something that will be outside of most budgets, but if you can afford to do it, just look how spectacular the effect can be—even with an aboveground pool.
Source: apartmenttherapy

Add a Fireplace

Thinking about making multiple improvements to your backyard? Look for clever ways to combine them, and you can achieve an awesome effect. Here we have a small in-ground swimming pool with a fireplace to frame it. What a cozy spot to relax!
Source: houzz

Incorporate Some Artwork

This hot tub has some cool artwork next to it, which is backlit for an elegant effect. Why not try putting some artwork next to your backyard pool, maybe a sculpture? The sky is the limit here, since you could go any direction you wanted with this!

Source: houzz

Use Interesting Lighting Effects

While this pool is unrealistic for most budgets, perhaps there is an idea you can take from it. What makes this pool look so amazing? Part of it is the way the different channels of water are arranged around the main pool—and part of it is the angling and different levels. But a big aspect of what makes the pool look incredible is the lighting. How awesome is that glowing green water? You might be able to use an idea like this to give your own backyard pool a cool club vibe!
Source: houzz

Pirate Ship Pool

Kelly and Susie Lundgrin used to have a pretty basic 10×10 foot deck around their aboveground pool—but why have a standard, boring old deck when you can have a pirate ship? The ship itself was designed entirely by them, and is in fact essentially just a really unusual deck. It provides privacy when they are in the pool, keeps the neighbors guessing, and looks totally amazing.

Source: cjonline

Build a “Cave” to House Your Pool

How ridiculously awesome is this? Constructing something like this may seem unrealistic, but it may be more feasible than you think. Apparently a custom metal mesh was constructed on-site (no molds were used), and then it was sprayed with concrete and dyed. So imaginative!
Source: houzz

Unbelievable Pool Transformation

Now for something more practical! If you are looking for a straightforward way to build a gorgeous enclosure for a typical cheap aboveground pool, it is hard to beat this! Click through to the link to see how it was done!

Source: diyncrafts

Bonus: Water Blob

Really can’t afford a backyard pool, but still looking for a way for your kids to have a blast this summer with water out in the backyard? Make them a water blob! Check out the link to find out how to do it!
Source: diyncrafts

Conclusion: There Are So Many Creative Ways to Beautify a Backyard Pool!
Whether you have a huge budget for an amazing professional custom job or you are scraping by with just a few hundred dollars to DIY, you can create a beautiful pool out back in your yard. As you can see, even an aboveground pool can be absolutely stunning if you are creative and willing to put in the time and the work. I hope you enjoyed all these inspiring backyard pools. Get ready to dive into your own backyard paradise!