Bob cut with curtain bangs: ideas to make it your own

The curtain fringe, or even the “Bardot” fringe, is THE new trendy cut that we will want to appropriate this year. Romantic, retro and sexy at the same time, she had her glory days thanks to the French actress during the 60s and, since then, regularly frames the faces of contemporary stars who adopt her brilliantly. Want to try it? Mini or maxi, on straight or wavy hair, we love it in all its forms. However, we find it particularly attractive with a square. Here is how to adopt the square cut with curtain without going wrong!

Square with curtain fringe: top or flop?

Good news for lovers of retro-cool hairstyles! The “curtain bang” is one of the must-haves of 2021 and its peak interest (600%) on Pinterest proves it. But why exactly this craze? Timeless, always desirable and never has-been, the bangs that sweep both sides of the forehead (hence the name) know how to highlight the faces of women. But is it made for everyone? Which cut to choose to sublimate it? How to wear it with style? Before taking the plunge, we tell you all about the “Bardot” bangs and the haircut with which it goes the most: the square.

The hairstyle with curtain bangs, for whom?

The ideal variation to adopt a hairstyle with curtain bangs is to have a perfectly smooth or slightly wavy mane. Dear women with curly hair, it is better to go your way, because neither the curtain trend nor the plunging bob are for you. Curtain bangs are perfect for straight, thick and voluminous manes. As for fine hair, they can also appropriate the new retro chic cut. The only condition? Add volume to the mane with a texturizing spray or dry shampoo . On the morpho side, the square with curtain fringe is one of the cuts suitable for round and oval faces . It is perfect for enhancing fine facial features or even for concealing a broad forehead.

Which bob cut to adopt with bangs?

Admittedly, there is not a single haircut to dare. The trend is towards diversity! So there is no need to try and copy a style that doesn’t suit you anymore. As for the bob with curtain bangs, it is best to shape it your way. So whether you have straight or wavy hair, you can dare one of the variations of the bob cut with “curtain bang” without hesitation. Hairdressers say: “the cut that will be on all fronts this summer must be made according to the style of the person who will wear it”. In other words, there are no more limits. Even if you have an ear at the level of the fringe, you can make it your own, as long as you perform a keratin smoothing. Ladies with slightly wavy hair, consider curtain bangs paired with a long, layered bob. To avoid the helmet effect, round and elongated faces should also focus on the look in question. The only difference ? They should look to the tapered curtain bangs.

How to wear “curtain bangs” with style?


To adopt the “curtain bang” trend without being mistaken, we wear it smooth, thick or, in some cases, tapered. Lovers of the 70s look can opt for rounded bangs to achieve using a hairdryer and a brush. The curtain trend has had its effect on a long square. However, it’s not just for short hair. Long and mid-length manes can also make it their own. Anyway, it goes with all cuts and hairstyles: waves, straight lengths, bohemian bun , half-tail, braids, etc. It also goes very well with the combed-disheveled effect. So don’t hesitate to combine your long bob with a sophisticated tie!

How to maintain and style the bob cut with curtain bangs?

With the bangs in the curtain and the short hair transformed into a bob, it’s time to style your hair! For this purpose, it is important to pay attention to the hair products you are going to use. Ditto for heating devices. For a naturally wavy square, swap the hair dryer for a diffuser that does not attack the curls. On the other hand, prefer the flat end of the hair dryer for a perfectly smooth look. Use a serum to prevent frizz. As for the bangs, place it wet on your forehead and work it with the round brush and blow dryer from above. Respect the direction of the hair and direct the hair fiber downwards. Dry it several times so that the hair is softer and more pliable. Finish by lightly bulging your bangs.


On the maintenance side, the curtain fringe is less restrictive than the straight fringe. Its regrowth will therefore no longer be a chore. Thanks to its degraded shape, it allows you to space out the appointments in the hairdressing salon. Once pushed back, the “curtain bang” does not obstruct the eye and keeps its bohemian look. So, you don’t need to cover it up with a bunch of hair clips if you want to let it grow.

Long square with curtain fringe

Plunging and long square with curtain fringe

Plunging square with curtain fringe – a perfectly smooth look

Hairstyle idea with curtain bangs

Bohemian bun with curtain bangs