Nails summer 2021: 5 trends that will mark the coming months

Come on, let’s erase the snowflakes from her nails and get ready for the arrival of sunny days with the nail trends that will make the summer of 2021! Vitamin colors, pastel shades, glitter, graphic lines, and more! The most of the summer season? Nail art is more trendy than ever! So you can finally test the Milky Nails!

Nail trends summer 2021: which manicure to adopt to accompany the return of the summer season?

Let’s face it, and nail polishes are the beauty products we can have the most fun with right now. The coronavirus pandemic and masks wearing masks thwart his passion for nude lipstick, and we are forced to bet on eye makeup and summer nail art. Sporting a pretty worked manicure is, therefore, perfect for brightening up your masked appearance when you don’t really want to dress your eyelids in multiple layers of makeup. The manicure experts at take stock by presenting you with the 5 summers 2021 nail trends to adopt when the good weather returns!

The Milky Nails

Although the beautiful days arouse to display bright and vitamin colors, sometimes one needs a little coolness during the scorching period. So this is where the Milky Nails come in. Halfway between white and transparent, the milky manicure is THE summer nail polish that you can very easily achieve at home without having to go through the institute! We bet you have all the beauty tools you need to do it at home: polish base, white polish, topcoat, and nail file.

The Velvet Nails

Among the many designs popping up on Pinterest and Instagram, #velvetnails make our eyes soft. Available in several shades, the velvet effect nail polish offers a texture that is both velvety and shiny. Perfect for welcoming the new season in style! And while it is better to leave your manicure to a professional, the nails with a shiny velvet effect are also very easy to achieve at home using a magnet.

The minimalist manicure


Nail art and extravagant nails are not your cups of tea? You rather want to adopt a discreet and neat manicure? If the pandemic’s start has highlighted looks that are easy to achieve at home, such as the Milky Nails, this summer is in nude tones with minimalist patterns! Graphic line, French micro, and small dots are no longer the nail polish color but the details that count and make your manicure a success. Why are you going to love it? Simple, discreet, and effective, minimalist nails will not go unnoticed and are perfect for all occasions. As a bonus, with few materials, you can very easily make them at home.

Multicolored nails – an unexpected summer 2021 nail trend

Yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue, green… it’s not too easy to choose when it’s time for a manicure! Good news for those who hesitate: Rainbow Nails are back in fashion. Once considered childish, multi-colored nails are making an unexpected comeback, and we don’t mind! For the past few months, he has been everywhere on social networks. Adopted by a good number of celebrities, particularly by Clara Berry, who is its greatest ambassador, the rainbow manicure is very easy to achieve. The principle, as the name suggests, is straightforward. You need to paint each of your nails a different color. Pastel, vitamin, neon, or gradient comes in several styles. Rest assured, there are no rhinestones or extravagant patterns here.

Mix & Match Nails or mismatched nails


Your heart swings between the French manicure, the Milk Bath Nails trend, or pastel nails? We have what you need! The mismatched look is ideal for you! Still called Mix & Match Nails, mismatched nails are the favorite nail art trend of stars. Kylie Jenner, Billie Eilish, and Rosalia are just a few of the fashionistas who have succumbed to it. For those of you who do not understand the principle, it consists of giving free rein to your imagination by sporting different patterns and colors of varnish.

Multicolored tone-on-tone manicure

Milk Bath Nails

French summer manicure in pink

Rainbow nails

French gradient in vitamin yellow

Minimalist manicure with glittery touches