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DIY Stationery Ideas – Classy Clutter

DIY stationary perfect for notes and thank you cards! Quick and easy homemade stationery ideas! Perfect for holiday Thank You notes. Happy Christmas Eve from Ciburbanity! Who’s in DISBELIEF that tomorrow is the big day?! *Raises hand with cookie dough stuck in her hair.* By now I can finally exhale with the presents wrapped, the meals planned, the packages shipped, the house cleaned (sort of), and it’s time just to enjoy the magic of Santa and giving and family. My kids are young, under 5 1/2, so being grateful doesn’t come as easily as I’d like. But one of the things I’m pretty insistent about is writing thank-you notes. And by “writing” I mean I’ll transcribe what they say and they’ll scribble their first initial. In anticipation of all the thank you notes that will be coming from our house over the next couple of weeks, I wanted to share these quick and easy homemade stationery ideas! Start by finding some blank cards we have a Paper Source near us and they carry blank cards and matching envelopes. Most craft stores carry something similar or you could always use watercolor paper or card stock cut to size. For the first style, I tried my hand at embossing. YOU GUYS.