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DIY Folding Paper Fans Tutorial

With so many pretty papers at the craft stores, you can make some absolutely gorgeous, totally simple and perfectly DIY folded paper fans. Get the easy to follow tutorial! #papercrafts #summercrafts #papercrafting #paperfans #diyaccessories Turn pretty cardstock into gorgeous and super effective folded paper fans that are great to tuck in your purse for those hot days! For a good several years I lived at the very tip of Texas and despite not ever wanting to live in a hot and humid climate, I did just that. And it was rather unpleasant. I love doing things outside and so I’d hit up the beach or hiking trail in the sweltering heat in a place where, I’m not even kidding, the sun seems brighter than any other place I have ever been in my life. My youngest nephew decided that crazy sun, which gave me a crazy frown line in between my eyebrows, was so much brighter because we were much closer to the equator and therefore the sun. Basically, we were on the face of the sun. 🙂 My very first trip to the grocery store as a new Rio Grande Valley resident saw me wearing shorts and a tank top and still ridiculously overheated. And when I went to check out and the checker mentioned how hot I looked I started to cry. Silly? Yep, but I was just. so. miserable. With some time I did get rather used to the temperature and I could mostly hold my own. But when anybody came to visit me during the hot months, which was basically, like, 10 months out of the year, I would be reminded of how miserable the climate was for anybody not used to it. For a long time, now, my mom has carried folding fans with her to help when she gets overheated and, until I lived on the surface of the sun :), I didn’t understand having something like that taking up a real estate in my purse where I have a bajillion other things already cluttering business up. But last summer I finally saw the wisdom of keeping a paper fan nearby. Since I didn’t have a fan on me and I didn’t really know where to run out to buy one I decided to just make a couple. And after a few different versions, I found THE best way to make paper fans that push a considerable amount of cool air into your face as you flap it to and fro. My mom and sister were both AMAZED by how much air wafted and smacked them in the face helping them to cool down much more quickly than the pretty fabric version my mom had sitting on the table next to her. The secret is TOTALLY in using cardstock. Not paper but stock. It’s heavier and thicker and man that air super zooms around and into your face like you wouldn’t believe. And while I used several different types of cardstock, I found that the paper that produced the prettiest design while serving that massive amount of airflow was my Martha Stewart paper pad I scored on sale from Michael’s and had in the craft stash. Ooh, and the patterns are distinctly tropical and summery which is PERFECT for some DIY paper fans. Ready to get it? Let’s make DIY folding paper fans, shall we? For this project you will need: 12 x 12 patterned cardstock