15 style Frauen blond ideas

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100% Human Hair Flip-in(HALO) extension Hand-made Medium Ash Blonde Mix

100% Human Hair Flip-in(HALO) extension Hand-made Medium Ash Blonde Mix - 100% Human Hair Flip-in(HALO) extension Hand-made Medium Ash Blonde Mix -   15 style Frauen blond ideas
“EXPRESS SHIPPING AVAILABLE to WORLDWIDE” Specializing in customized Hand-Made human hair extensions since 2008 100% Premium Quality REMY Human hair extension No CLIPS, No GLUE, NO FUSING!!! Unlike traditional hair extension systems, you don’t need to spend hours having your new hair fitted. Easy and simple to use, it takes literally one minute to fit and only one second to remove. It’s hassle-free and looks completely natural. Width: 12″ wide Weight: 14″-Triple-layers: approximately 40-45g 14″-Quad-layers: approximately 55g 14″-Deluxe: 90g 14″-120g(Request us) 14″-150g(Request us) 16″-Triple-layers: approximately 48g 16″-Quad-layers: approximately 65-70g 16″-100g(Request us) 16″-Deluxe: 120g 16″-150g(Request us) 18″-Triple-layers: approximately 50g 18″-Quad-layers: approximately 70g 18″-100g(Request us) 18″-130g(Request us) 18″-Deluxe: 150g ——————————————————————————————————————- *TRIPLE-LAYERS: For thin-normal hair, *who’s extending less than 1-2″ from their hair. *QUAD-LAYERS(Standard thickness for people who’s extending less than 1-2″ from their hair): For normal hair or if you want to create the fuller body from thin hair(*for people who’s extending less than 1-2″ from their hair.) *DELUXE: Double the thickness from the Quad-layers. Recommended to who has thick and full hair or if you’d like to create the glamorous full body.(might require fuller than the Deluxe version if you are extending more than 6″ from your own hair.) **For looking natural and blending well with your hair, blunt cut hair style might not work, unless you curl the hair. **To find out your hair length, please measure it from the centre line of your ear until the end. ————————————————————————————————————————————————————– OPTIONS:(each $9.99 USD) **We could sewn in 3 extension clips inside.(for people who wants to feel more secure on their heads and for the items that are over 100g in weight.) **Curly Texture: It’s curled texture by curling iron. It will give you the great volume and good for special occasion dress up mode. **Wavy texture hair is NOT Curly hair.(Beach Waves)  It gives great volume and would look very natural. **Extra Wire Kit(2 colors available: Blonde or Brown)- includes 2 X 5″ width Elastic bands + 4 Micro Beads for you to replace the wire by yourself. **Straight Texture: If you do not choose any of the Wavy/Curly hair texture, you will receive it in Straight hair texture. If you’d like to add more than 1 option for your order, you can choose one option and leave a note for the other option when you place an order. We will invoice you after.(or just contact us beforehand.) ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————– ***We can customize all orders in any weight(100g-200g also available), width, length and the colour of the extension you would prefer!*** If you don’t see the colour of your hair, just ASK US, and we will make the custom-colour for you without any extra charge! ***If you are not sure about your hair color match, inquire to us for detailed advices. We can help you with the best color match and the thickness recommendations.(Send us the photos of your hair under the natural light as possible.) ***You need to match your hair color from your ends, not your top. ——————————————————————————————————————– One size fits all! (STRETCHABLE ELASTIC BAND) ***Please note: All of our hair is 1″ longer than the actual length! ex) 18″=19″ of the others ————————————————————————————————————————————————- HOW TO WEAR: Put it on your head from the top and pull it down gently, and it should sit “above” your ears. The elastic band sits about 1″ from your hair line at the front, and adjust the hair extensions to sit comfortably on your head. Pull the hair from the top where the elastic band is sitting on to look natural.(Focus on the part at the front) WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: Wash these extensions when you need to. Depends how much you wear or use them, you can wash even once in a 6 months if you don’t wear them that often. Fill in a bowl or in sink with lukewarm water and put some shampoo to make “shampoo-water”. (Don’t put the shampoo directly on to the hair extensions and rub it too much.) Leave in the hair extensions for about 30 minutes and rinse it off and you may put on any types of Hair conditioners, moroccan oils, leave in conditioners or hair treatments to keep the hair moisturized. Even you don’t wash the hair often, we recommend to keep the hair moisturized with products. Coloring/dying the human hair extensions: We do not recommend coloring the extensions. But if you wish to, we would recommend coloring it darker rather than lifting(lighter) the color.(including bleaching, putting highlights etc.) Toning hair wouldn’t be a problems with any toners and purple/blue shampoos. ***Special Hair extension brushes are sold here! www.kaysbeautyboutique.com/product-page/loop-brush ***Wholesale inquiry is welcome! Please visit our website for more info. www.kaysbeautyboutique.com