Easy Hairstyle for Frizzy Hair

Straight or curly? No need to choose anymore! This year, everything that borders will be trendy! Curly and frizzy hair will look natural, especially with the #NappyHair movement. To enhance the wild mane, two options are necessary: ​​change your hair color or try a new hairstyle. Having a naturally tight curl, frizzy and curly hair isn’t too easy to style. They require certain know-how as well as a lot of adapted care so that the mane remains flexible and shiny. Maintenance advice, cuts, and several hairstyle ideas for short, mid-length, and long frizzy hair … we tell you all about afro hair.

Hairstyle for short, mid-length, and long frizzy hair: 10+ easy and sharp looks to try out now!

Very fragile, frizzy hair is often difficult to style. However, they benefit from a volume that has nothing to envy other types of hair. And contrary to what one might think, they offer a multitude of varied hairstyles. They are often worn tied in a bun or braided, a matter of comfort. Another option: wear your hair naturally curly and styled Afro, a look that takes hold of the catwalks from the parades to the red carpets. The only downside to having a naturally frizzy mane? The length is rarely there! To remedy this, an adequate hair routine based on nourishing and moisturizing care is essential.

Before styling, how to treat frizzy hair?

We, therefore, favor very gentle shampoos and conditioners, rich in nutritious active ingredients and suitable for dry, fragile, and frizzy hair. We do not neglect the natural homemade masks for curly hair. To optimize their effects, baths are made with coconut, jojoba, or castor oils. As already said, a well-hydrated frizzy mane is a mane that is softer, softer, and easier to handle. It is also much less brittle. Likewise, regular cutting of the tips is also a must for the good condition of afro hair. Just cut them every three to four months to make them stronger and grow faster. Good nutrition is also not to be neglected.

The braid or the perfect ally for frizzy and curly hair

All women with frizzy hair will tell you: the braid in all its forms is the perfect ally for frizzy and curly hair. Very popular, braids allow you to leave the mane natural. African, plated, glued, boxer braids, ear of wheat … the variations are many. To control even the most rebellious hair, we favor more complex braids, such as glued braids. Plated on the skull, they incorporate the entire hair and are very practical to wear.

Hairstyle idea for relaxed frizzy hair

Plus, braids are suitable for all hair types and lengths, not to mention the fact that they can stay intact for several weeks. That said, it is therefore not surprising that a good number of stars systematically fall for it: FKA Twigs, Kerry Washington, Solange Knowles, Lupita Nyong’o, Zoë Kravitz, etc. Feminine, original, and infinitely available, the braid on frizzy hair easily transforms into a stunning updo. We love Lupita’s crown of braids and FKA Twigs’ braided banana bun.

Hairstyle for medium-length frizzy hair in 5 easy ideas

Do you have shoulder-length or long frizzy hair and are running out of ideas to show it off? So, let’s go for a little tutorial provided by the beautiful Ursula who will deliver you 5 simple, but ingenious looks to style your hair. Banana bun, glued braids, low tail, half bun, space buns… there is something for everyone.


Hairstyle for frizzy hair with bandana

Looking for a hairstyle for short frizzy hair? Just like the braid, the hairstyle with bandana likes all lengths and all hair types. The short style is, therefore, no exception. The retro-chic accessory is no exception with XS frizzy hair. Practical and aesthetic, it will only give character to the shortcut while nicely framing your face. To adopt it without making a mistake, just wrap it around your head and it’s done. You can also opt for a knot. For those hot days when you just want to laze on the beach, the little scarf becomes the ideal ally to protect your little curls from the sun. The retro-chic accessory is also very useful during hair regrowth.

Hairstyle for frizzy hair with a printed scarf

To hide a “bad hair day”, we adorn the frizzy mane with a trendy accessory that instantly dresses the hair mass. Not so old-fashioned, the printed scarf is the favorite accessory for Afro heads. The proof with the lovely Ursula who will show us how to use this summer’s flagship accessory to style your hair (see below). Well tied in the mane, it allows all the fantasies in terms of hairstyles for frizzy hair.


Hairstyle for long frizzy hair – bohemian bun

Typically, the first step to a successful bohemian bun is to prep your hair by texturing it. But if you have long, unruly hair, you don’t need to get a crepe. Enhance your natural curls with a styling and moisturizing treatment and go directly to the realization of your bun. A brush, a rubber band, a little gel, and you’re done! The only condition: to have sufficient hair length. To enhance your hairstyle, do not forget to slip a printed silk scarf.

Hairstyle for frizzy and curly hair – the trend of nappy hair

Another trend, more and more popular with girls with frizzy and curly hair: the so-called “nappy hair”. A contraction of “natural” and “happy”, the movement of “nappy hair” consists of displaying your curly (or frizzy) hair proudly, without spending your time straightening it or hiding it! A trendy hairstyle specially adapted to afro manes including Solange Knowles, Inna Modja, Uzo Aduba, and some beauticians are fervent followers and defenders!

Hairstyle idea for long frizzy hair: low tailed tail

High and fuzzy tail for long or shoulder-length frizzy hair

Braided crown on short frizzy hair

The trend of nappy hair

Hairstyle frizzy hair tied at the sides with pearl barrettes

Short frizzy hair but well-accessorized