Different way of doing melted crayon art


Place crayons in a pattern or ‘drawing’ and then melt for more interesting shapes instead of the usual drip * need to do this with the kids *


Crayola Meltdown Art Set...


  1. 2 white canvas panels, 1 black canvas panel, 24 Crayola crayons, Crayola Washable Pearl FX Paint Pot Strip, paintbrush, and double-sided foam tape.
  2. A complete kit for making colorful melted crayon art
  3. Use a hairdryer (not included) to melt crayons onto canvas
  4. Supplies included for three melted crayon projects
  5. For kids ages eight and up
  6. Complete craft solution to popular crayon activity(Hairdryer not included)
  7. Smaller canvases allows for quicker results and the box serves as a "drip tray" to contain wax that melts off the canvas
  8. Crayola offers the first kid & mom friendly solution that includes everything needed to make colorful melted crayon masterpieces