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Sucker for Seersucker

Pinterest: @m4ddymarie Skirt: Vineyard Vines Sweater: Gap (similar) Bag: Vintage Gucci Button Down: J. Crew Bracelet: Kiel James Patrick Shoes: Ferragamo Happy Monday, everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend (and that this week breezes by so we can get to the next one quickly 😉 I might seem crazy for wearing a knit sweater in the middle of summer. In sunny California. But surprisingly, the weather down here has been… dare I say cold? It’s not exactly winter weather (hence the skirt), but the mornings are misty and the sun doesn’t come out until well after noon. Mother nature is weird. But I’ll go with it. I love this skirt- if my post title didn’t make it clear, I’m a sucker for seersucker. I bought this thinking it would be relegated to late spring and summer only, but I think it would work great with a cable knit sweater in fall! So basically what I’m wearing right now in the middle of summer, but with tights to keep my legs warm. I recently picked up my first pair of Ferragamo Varas. (had to choose navy, because what else?) I had a pair of Varinas, and I loved them, but let’s be honest: I’m 5’0″ and I could use the tiny boost. I love these! Even though the heels on them is probably only a one inch boost from the Varina flats, these are still just as comfy. I’m obsessed with Ferragamo bow shoes, so although these are my first Varas, they definitely won’t be my last. I’m in love with the customizable ones! Anyways, I’ll be jetting off to San Francisco for the weekend with my best friend in the whole world, so I’m excited for this quick getaway. I’ll be posting on Instagram and taking tons of pics, so follow along for the adventure! Vineyard Vines Seersucker Patch Skirt + Gap Girl Navy Kids Sweater + Gucci Vintage Boston Bag + J. Crew White Perfect Shirt + Kiel James Patrick Royal’s Golden Fleet Bracelet + Ferragamo Vara Navy Heels