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Custom portrait, custom portrait painting, custom drawing, custom portrait illustration, portrait art, personalized portrait, Anime portrait is an amazing gift for anyone you can imagine! Your cute customized digital avatar will be perfect for a social media profile on Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram, Viber, Skype, chats or whatever you’d like! You get a high-quality digital picture for excellent printing results with 300 dpi resolution keeping every detail and shade of color! Drawing time: 3-5 business days. The price of a portrait depends on the quantity of persons depicted on a portrait and a drawing detail level. Drawing detail level: – Low detailed (without a background, only necessary shadows on a face and a body, no costume details, no accessories, no tattoos … ) – Medium detailed (simple color background, main shadows on a face and a body, main costume details, main accessories without details, no tattoos, … ) – High detailed (color background, all shadows on a face and a body, many costume details, accessories with details, tattoos, rings, watches, bracelets, laces on boots, … ) This listing is a printable digital file for download ONLY. NO physical item will be sent by a regular price. However If you don’t have access to a local printer, then I can make the print for you, but it will cost extra plus shipping. You can get better a print made at a local print shop, or have a wrapped gallery canvas made at a local or online canvas printing shop. This saves you costly shipping expenses on my end, not to mention lowering risk of damages in transit. Final product is a high-quality digital file with a high resolution 300dpi .JPEG. PDF upon request. You will receive it via email or Etsy conversation. For personal use only, NOT commercial use. Regular size of a digital file: 8×10 inch. You can ask for a different one size for FREE! I can also do multiple people portraits and pets too! Pets count as a person when choosing number of persons in the options. How it works? 1. Purchase this listing 2. Send me a photo via Etsy Conversation 3. State if there is any clothing preferences 4. Would you like a quote or date added? 5. Which background would you like? (colors are changeable!) 6. Would you like any object or subject to included? (any object in connection with hobby or personality, pets, friends, family, ) 7. Eyes color. What can you do with this digital portrait? 1. Print it on canvas, paper and posters. 2. Print it on a plate, cup, mugs, pins, badges, etc. 3. Make a personal customized puzzle 4. Make a personal customized T-shirt for yourself, friend, kids and family! 5. Use as social media avatar on Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram 6. Make an amazing digital gift to your friends, family and loved ones. 7. Make a personal photo print wallpapers in a kid’s room, etc. Once purchased, I’ll email you a preview sketch (via etsy conversations if it’s needed) to make sure you’re happy with the drawing, and to make any adjustments if need be. Let me know if you have any special requests, such as changing colors or accessories. After receiving your approval, I’ll complete the illustration and email the original file to you, so you can save the shipping cost and you can print it as many times as you would like. Once the drawing is done, only color changes can be made. NO LIMIT TO CHANGES! I will work on your portraits until you are completely satisfied! Custom orders are welcome! If you have any special request, please send me it also via Etsy conversation and I will do my best to gratify your needs. PLEASE NOTE: custom portraits are for personal use only, not commercial use. I, the artist, hold the rights to the image. I can post it online at my discretion. (e.g. as a shop sample or a portfolio piece) If you do not wish for your order to be used by me – or if you are planning to use it for commercial purposes – then feel free to contact me for a quote to obtain the image rights. Feel free to contact me with any questions you have. Thank you for visiting my page!