Interior design rules recommended by interior designers

When it comes to interior design (and beyond), every detail matters to enjoy a successful design both aesthetically and practically. Here we include from the ideal height of installation of curtains, storage bodies, toilets, hood, etc. up to the ideal size of the carpets depending on the pattern of the room and various layout of furniture distribution. I have prepared for you a series of rules of arrangement, to make your job easier. Ready to start? 🙂

General notions

What carpet do we choose?

 Lighting fixtures: models & dimensions


4 layout schemes

Decorative pillows: rules of arrangement

Shelves and supports for hangers: installation dimensions


Door: what opening should we not choose?

Works: mounting height

Recommended open spaces

Shower: mounting height

Moving space – a must have


Sink – 3 tips to follow

Hood – recommended distance

Dishwasher – where do we put it?

Microwave oven – 3 sketches

The fridge – how do we position it?

Oven – placement rules

Plate – incorporation quotas

Working front – width indicated

Home appliances – work triangle

Suspended bodies – the distance from the countertop

Floors – ideal depth

Passage spaces – important quotas

Living room

Long and narrow living?

Coffee tables vs. couches

Carpets vs. couches

Pictures: the height of the site

Here’s an awesome collection of 13 custom living room furniture layout ideas in a series of custom living room floor plan illustrations. As a designer, poorly hung art is probably my number one design bugbear. Our pictorial guide to hanging art like a pro will help you avoid many all-too-common design pitfalls.

PS: Please note that:

  • “Represents inch
  • 1 inch = 2,54 cm