First Day of Preschool Bootcamp!

First Day of Preschool Bootcamp!

Our first day of Preschool Bootcamp was pretty fabulous! Unfortunately, we were not home for most of it! Tomorrow we will be much less busy and have a lot more time to do activities with our shapes and numbers. I do however find that listening to our Bible songs in the car has helped Big Girl Bulldog to learn her verse for the week much faster than I imagined!

Big Girl Bulldog loved pulling her stool up to the board this morning and talking about all the things we were learning this week. Today we focused on our letters, A and B, and read a couple stories to go along with them. For A we read,¬†The Apple Pie Tree¬†by Zoe Hall¬†and for B we read¬†The Lamb and the Butterfly¬†by Arnold Sundgaard. We talked about our Words for the Week and as a special treat we had Animal Crackers for snack today! For counting practice I told her she could count to our special number and that is how many crackers she could have! (She didn’t think I was funny!)

First Day of Preschool Bootcamp! First Day of Preschool Bootcamp!

I found these fabulous Alphabet dot sheets on Pinterest from the¬†Shannon’s Tot School! She has every letter available to print for FREE so definitely go check out her amazing ideas and resources!

AND, speaking of free, if you are interested in making a Preschool Board like mine I am going to share some of my headers for you! Just click on the picture for your FREE Headers!

If you are interested in the Letters I used, head over to LiveLoveLaughKindergarten and download them for FREE! While you are there check out all her other awesome ideas!If you are interested in the numbers that I used, head over to Tales of a Teacherista and download numbers 1-8 for FREE! Definitely take a look around at all her other fabulous posts!

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