DIY (mostly) STAR WARS Birthday party!


DIY “Chewbacca” goody bags

Use pool noodles and duct tape to create lightsabers. / Via

Make simple no-sew Jedi robes to get kids into character.

Michael Simon / Michael Simon/ / Via

All you need is brown and white craft felt and a pair of scissors. Learn how to make them here.

And DIY some Princess Leia buns, too.

You’ll need craft headbands, brown yarn, brown fun foam or cardboard, a hot glue gun, masking tape, and basic braiding skills. Get the instructions here.

Turn a paper lantern into the Death Star with gray spray paint, black tape, and a few pieces of cardboard.

Get the tutorial here.

You can even make a Death Star piñata.

Though this is a little more time-consuming, a Death Star piñata will win you the “parent of the year” award in your family. Learn how to make it here.

Wrap free printables around utensils to make napkin lightsabers.

Get the DIY and free printables here.

Use permanent markers or colored duct tape to turn a dollar store trash can into R2-D2.

The kids will LOVE cleanup time.

This idea also works on a drink dispenser.

Opt for colored duct tape unless you feel like having a permanent R2-D2 water cooler. Then again, that’s not such a bad idea. Get more info here.

Use a piece of plywood, some black paint, and star stickers for a photo backdrop.

If you’re having your party at a park, opt for a long strip of black felt with hot-glued felt stars. Get the free Star Wars photo overlay here.


And amp up the fun with some puntastic printable signs.

watercolorlace / Via

You can find them in Etsy shops like this one and this one.

You can also make and print out signs of your own.

Han Solo wants your kids to stay sanitary. Find free Star Wars fonts here.

Tape free printables onto a dollar store bowling set for a Stormtrooper face-off. / Via

Get free Darth Vader and Stormtrooper printables here.

Or use a cardboard box, some paint, and a few beanbags to make your own Death Star corn hole game.

Pro tip: Put a small bowl in the hole so that kids don’t need to fish around inside the box after they score.

If your party is indoors, tape low-hanging Stormtrooper balloons from the ceiling.

Jedi boot camp begins.

Or, if you’re looking for a no-contact game, have kids try to toss beanbags into each other’s hula hoop “force fields.”

How it works: Each person stands inside a hula hoop and they have to toss beanbags into the other persons hoop while defending their own. The person who gets the most beanbags to land in their opponent’s hoop wins.

And you can’t forget this twist on a classic: pin the bun on the Leia.

Get the tutorial here.

Another idea: Freeze a Han Solo figurine in a tub of ice and let kids use dollar store water guns to free him from “carbonite.”

Set a timer and see which kid can get to him first.

Or kids can just eat their way to him in this Jell-O mold version.

Get more info here.

For snacking, make easy lightsaber kabobs.

Load grapes, kiwi, and marshmallows onto a wooden skewer.

Or use mini marshmallows, Oreo wafer cookies, and a little icing to make edible TIE fighters.

Get more info here.

Save money on a Star Wars cake by putting Stormtrooper marshmallows on top of cupcakes.

To make Stormtrooper faces, get food coloring markers here ($7).

You can also turn colorful cupcakes into one long lightsaber.

Use M&M’S for the activation buttons.

Or just make a big, beautiful garbage compactor and call it a day.

Use chocolate cake, chocolate frosting, chocolate cookie icing, chocolate graham crackers, broken pieces of candy, and Star Wars figures. Get the recipe here.




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