9 beauty Eyes wallpaper ideas

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Natural high coverage blue colored contacts

These colored contacts lenses are perfect for dark eyes #bluecoloredlenses #coloredcontactsblue #eyemakeup Colour: Material: Marior Pro lenses with colour have a water content of 38%, which keeps the contact lenses comfortable while wearing them. The remaining 62% is made of polymacon. Since they are cosmetic coloured contact lenses, these contact lenses have no strength and can not improve vision problems. Instructions for use: Open the Marior cardboard packaging. Take the blisters out. Carefully open the blisters by pulling the blister package from below. Remove the lenses from the blister with clean hands and place them in a lens case (not included) with saline solution for soft lenses before wearing. The durability of Marior’s coloured contact lenses depends on how you treat the lenses. We recommend you to change the lenses after 6-12 months. For more information, you can look in the instructions for use, which is inside the packaging. Attention: How the colour will look on your eyes depends on your own eye colour, eye shape, skin tone and lighting conditions. We can not guarantee that the lens will look on your eyes like on the pictures.