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DIY Crystal Glue Jewelry Mold 229 Pcs Set ?????

DIY Crystal Glue Jewelry Mold 229 Pcs Set ????? - DIY Crystal Glue Jewelry Mold 229 Pcs Set ????? -   19 diy Tumblr jewelry ideas

this product is no longer in stock the next stock arrives on February 14 reserve your product now the quantities will be very limited and thank you ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Design¬†Your Own¬†Jewelry Various Shapes of molds¬†can help you to¬†design the perfect DIY jewelry! Create Your Own Resin Jewelry All crafts have tools that make things easier. So if you’re into making handcrafted jewelry pieces, investing in this¬†Crystal Glue Mold Set¬†is your perfect choice!¬†¬†This resin casting kit¬†includes almost everything¬†that a jewelry-making newbie needed. This makes casting¬†easier¬†and¬†fun¬†which is why it’s the perfect choice for DIY handmade lovers or those who are just new to resin jewelry making. The mold also comes in¬†various designs¬†to help you¬†create different jewelry shapes¬†according to your own preference. Highlights: MAKE YOUR OWN JEWELRY:¬†Allows you to create your own pieces of jewelry SUPERIOR QUALITY:¬†The resin cures crystal clear, glassy and 100% waterproof finish while providing excellent scratch, stain and yellowing resistance. TIME-SAVING:¬†It has a smooth and non-stick surface that makes it very easy to unmold the finished work and will save you time polishing GREAT FOR EVERYONE:¬†This makes a fun project for DIYers and jewelry makers of all ages STYLE IT YOUR WAY:¬†Gives you fun and satisfaction of designing according to your own preference WIDE APPLICATION:¬†Suitable for making different DIY handiwork and jewelry, such as key chain, earrings, necklaces, pendant, bracelets and more SAFE AND DURABLE:¬†Made of high-quality BPA-free, durable and smooth material, free of harsh chemicals Specification: Material: Silicone mold + Metal twist drill + Plastic stirrers Weight: 353g 229 PCS MOLDS PACKAGE INCLUDES: 13 x jewelry making molds,¬† 42 x gold screw eye pins,¬† 42 x silver screw eye pins,¬† 5 x plastic stirrers,¬† 5 x plastic spoons,¬† 5 x plastic droppers,¬† 1 x Hand Twist Drill (include¬†2 pieces twist bits),¬† DRIED FLOWER SET¬†PACKAGE INCLUDES: slots dried flowers