19 diy Storage videos ideas

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DIY STORAGE BOX - DIY STORAGE BOX -   19 diy Storage videos ideas

Don’t let cardboard sit forever, instead, try some easy DIY storage solutions! Easy solution to a messy spice drawer. No more searching for spices rolling around in a drawer while trying to prep meals! Allows for convenient storage and organization of spices, making them easy to find and readily available while cooking. Comes in sets of three or four rods with a grip liner included. Order four rods if the width (side to side) of your drawer is longer than 19″. MEASURE INSTRUCTIONS: Provide the length (front to back of drawer) and width (side to side) in inches. **We will subtract a fraction of an inch when we custom cut your spice rack dowels for best fit and easy install. Hand wash for easy clean up. *Spices not included