19 diy Storage videos ideas

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4 Ways To Upcycle Your Pringles Can!

If you’re a Pringles lover, you’ll love these great hacks for upcyclcling your used pringle cans! #diy #upcycle #hometalk #cans #canupcycle #repurposed You can’t tell me you’ve never made the duck face with 2 Pringles anytime in your life. I mean, who doesn’t love Pringles? With all my empty cans I’ve decided to create 4 can up cycles using 2 large and 2 snack size containers. I first used the red container and wrapped it in silver striped wrapping paper and hot glued it to the can. Next, I used a silicone hot pad and inserted it inside the container. This fit almost perfectly. This made a perfect hot tools holster! With the h


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19 diy Storage videos ideas