19 diy Bracelets bangles ideas

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DIY Miniature Doll Mini Bangles Bracelet Accessories – Very Easy!

DIY Miniature Doll Mini Bangles Bracelet Accessories - Very Easy! - DIY Miniature Doll Mini Bangles Bracelet Accessories - Very Easy! -   19 diy Bracelets bangles ideas
DIY Miniature Doll Mini Bangles Bracelet Accessories – Very Easy! – YouTube I have decided that I really, really dislike antique stores. It seems to me that they go to the same places I do and buy the same things for next to nothing and mark them up like crazy. I once got a really old meat grinder at a garage sale for $20. Found it online for around $25-35 in several places and figured I got quite the score but nothing that was terribly unfair to the lady who was trying to get rid of it. But then I found the same one at an antique store for almost a hundred bucks. Um, what?Now I get that this is a job/business but I decided to not go into antique stores anymore but I found myself in one recently anyway. There I found the exact same holographic Halloween ‘framed picture’ that I purchased at Dollar General for a buck 2 years or so back. Guess what they wanted for it? I think it was like $30 and that is just abso-freaking-lutely ridiculous… okay, rant over!And when I saw some pretty mint bangles flecked with gold I loved them, until I saw they wanted $50 for the set. So I made my own. They’re not vintage and they’re hardly priceless but I’m cool with my DIY jewelry anyway!For this project you will need: Resin Bangle molds Pastel acrylic paint (not the cheapest but not the most expensive either) Gold leaf flakes Wet sandpaper for finishingMix your resin according to the package directions. I prefer Castin’ Craft (link to the same I use in the project items list above). Add a small dollop of your pastel paint and mix well.Add your gold leaf flakes to the pastel tinted resin. Now, as I learned, these big chunks do NOT work. Either rub them in between your fingers to make them tiny flecks or fish around for the small stuff to begin with.Pour into your mold and wait to cure. Pop out and wet sand to finish. For more help on how to sand your finished resin pieces check this out… How to Sand Resin to be Smooth.So purdy!I love my pastel bangles. I love how the fleck is barely there. Almost seems to give the bracelets texture. But I also wanted to make a mostly clear bracelet to go with them.The process is the same except I did not tint the resin and I jam packed that baby full of gold leaf flecks.I mostly wear these two alone and I love them. They feel so retro glam to me! And they were no where near $50! Win!