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Brighter days are ahead ??

Brighter days are ahead ?? - Brighter days are ahead ?? -   19 beauty Photography ideas
Radiance boosting cleanser. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Brighter Days Daily Cleanser! If you have dull skin that looks drab and lifeless, this brightening cleanser helps you rediscover your lost glow. Vibrant skin looks even, calm and youthful. We took citrus skin brighteners¬†and blended it with nourishing aloe vera and vitamin E for an unstoppable glow. Lather this gentle cleanser over face and neck while taking a few deep, slow breaths as the luxe botanicals work their magic. Then, rinse to reveal a radiant, even complexion. Luminous skin starts here. SHELF LIFE:¬†8 months¬†(Store in a cool area)PACKAGING TYPE: Glass container HOW TO USE¬† Apply a generous amount of cleanser to face and neck, twice daily. Gently rub in a circular motion, use Konjac sponge for hard to reach and sensitive areas. Rinse with luke warm water and follow up with your toner water. Avoid eye area. BENEFITS Provides luminosity to dull skin Blended with natural skin brighteners Made with moisture enriched ingredients KEY INGREDIENTS Aloe vera, Rosemary Matcha, Citrus extract Vitamin E¬† View entire list of ingredients¬†here¬† AVAILABLE SIZES Try Me:¬†1 oz Regular:¬†4 oz