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Atomic Age Retro Vanity

Atomic Age Retro Vanity - Atomic Age Retro Vanity -   17 style Retro decoration ideas

This is an Atomic-age inspired vanity. It’s design aesthetic pulls cues from the space-race of the 1950’s and 1960’s. Many themes at the time were inspired by aerodynamics and materials used for space travel and harken to a retro visual of the future. This unit is completely hand-made from start to finish from raw materials. The frame is made of wood and clad with steel and aluminum sheet metal. The top and sides of the base are wrapped in a vintage boomerang Formica laminate. The starburst and chevron drawer pulls are stainless steel with a brass finish. The Tiffany inspired color is a durable basecoat/clearcoat automotive acrylic urethane paint. The stool is included and is upholstered in vinyl with a steel base. Inside the top left drawer is a surge protector with multiple electrical receptacles and USB ports. Custom alterations are available for the paint color, the pattern/color of the laminate, and the stool vinyl at no cost. Dimensions: Base- 60”wide 32”Tall 26”deep Mirror-55”wide 38”Tall 12”Deep Total Height 70” Stool height 17.5” Diameter 18” Please allow 6-8 weeks for construction and shipping. Lower 48 states only will shipping be included. All other locations will require an added freight upcharge determined at sale.