17 diy Table cloth ideas

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90×156″ Fushia Polyester Rectangular Tablecloth

90×156″ Fuchsia Polyester Rectangular Tablecloth | Tablecloths Factory – tableclothsfactory.com – $8.97 Plan as many events as you want and invite as many guest as you desire without even worrying about the expenses and your budget. With our sturdy and economical polyester tablecloths, you can now transform any dining experience into a magnificent feast with an upscale feel and an elite look without breaking the banks. Get inspired by this premium quality polyester tablecloth that opens the gates of creativity and ingenuity. With such a high standard material that can withstand any heavy-duty events and extensive reuse, our durable polyester tablecloth is an ideal choice to enhance the elegance of your party and banquet tables. From the extensive array of colors, you can pick the perfect hue to coordinate with your party theme color. Add a classy touch to your plain tables and table covers by swathing with this seamless beauty. Inspiration is a key factor behind transforming your ordinary event into a dream-like realm of ethereal festivity.   Polyester material tablecloths in 90″x156″ size. Tablecloths are a seamless, 1pc design. For care, tablecloths are machine washable. Use warm water wash, low temp dry. Tablecloths have hemmed edges for an exquisite look. Tablecloths are stain and wrinkle resistant. Decorations not included Used In: * Wedding Table Decoration * Party Table Decoration * Outdoor Easter Decoration * Table Setting * Dining Table Decoration * Easter Table Decoration * Wedding Reception Decoration * DIY wedding decorations * Wedding Tables * Table Decor * Christmas Table Decor * Flower Table Decoration * Wedding Ceremony Decor * Birthday Table Decor The length the tablecloth will hang on your table will depend on the size/height of your table. Please use our size chart to help you determine the tablecloth size you need. 1′ = 12″ / 1 foot = 12 inches