17 diy Garden shed ideas

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39 Trendy Ideas Garden House Shed Interior

39 Trendy Ideas Garden House Shed Interior - 39 Trendy Ideas Garden House Shed Interior -   17 diy Garden shed ideas

39 Trendy Ideas Garden House Shed Interior #house #gardenEZ-Fit Sheds Homestead Outdoor Garden Tool Shed Storage Solution When you have a garden, you have a lot of tools and equipment, so why not get the best looking garden shed in town to keep everything organized and safe. This EZ-Fit Homestead Garden Shed is the perfect solution for storing your lawnmower, weedwacker, hedge trimmer, and all the rest of that gardening equipment. This garden tool shed comes in a variety of different sizes depending on how much storage you need. Can also be used for a variety of different things – woodshop for projects, crafts, art studio, etc. This great looking outdoor storage house comes with double doors and windows, decorative shutters, locks made in the USA, decorative hinges, and horizontal nailers for extra sturdy construction.  STANDARD FEATURES: Shutters – add a nice extra touch U.S.A. Made Locksets – keep your items safe and sound Windows: High Quality Double 30×36″ Windows Decorative Hinges – for better looking doors Double Top Plate – stronger walls and corners Horizontal Nailer – special notches provide straighter and stronger walls 6″ Fascia Trim – protects the fascia board 60″ Standard Door – no need to squeeze larger equipment through Wall Height: 6’6″ – lots of room to easily maneuver items Panelized wall sections with horizontal nailer and 24″ oc wall studs Rafters, roof sheathing, pre-hung doors, trim, door hardware, fasteners Double Doors: 1 Set of 60″ Double Doors Sizes: 8×8′, 8×10′, 8×12′, 10×10′, 10×12′, 10×14′, 10×16′, 10×20′, 12×16′, 12×20′, 12×24′ All EZ-fit Sheds are ready to assemble and solidly constructed with quality craftsmanship. **Lead time: 10-14 days**    Homestead Shed Features   Optional add-ons:     Optional Floor kit includes: • 4×4″ Long lasting treated runners • 2×4″ S.P.F. Floor joists (16″ o.c.)  • 3/4″ C.D.X. Plywood   Not Included in the kit: • Shingles • Roof dripedge • Floor (floor kit optional)   Shed Kit Comparison Riverside Homestead Heritage Sidewall Height 6’6” 6’6” 6’6” Overall Height 8′ wide 9’9” 9’9” 9’9” Overall Height 10′ wide 10’3′ 10’3′ 10’3′ Overall Height 12′ wide 10’9” 10’9” 10’9” Windows & “Z” shutters 2-24×36′ double 30×36” 1-24×36” 1-30×36” Transom Windows Optional Optional Optional Strongback Nailer Yes Yes Yes 30” single door Yes No No 60” double door Yes Yes Yes Smartside Siding Yes Yes Yes Decorative Door Hinges Yes Yes Yes Double Top Plate & 6” Fascia Yes Yes Yes 12” Roof Overhang Yes Yes Yes Flowerboxes Optional Optional Optional Decorative Flowerbox Holders Optional Optional Optional Cupola & Weather Vane Optional Optional Optional Floor Kit Optional Optional Optional     The Homestead Shed is made using Strongback Nailer walls   The Homestead Shed comes with a high quality Triple Layer Door   The Homestead Shed comes with only the highest quality components      Homestead Shed SmartSiding walls