17 diy Bathroom upgrades ideas

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DIY Bathroom Remodeling On A Budget

DIY Bathroom Remodeling On A Budget | DIY Home Sweet Home According to Bathroom Remodel the average price to remodel a bathroom is between $8,000 & $10,000. Ouch!!! Going the diy route and doing most of the work yourself can save you thousands of dollars. Today I’m sharing some budget friendly, do it yourself bathroom projects and some amazing, inexpensive bathroom transformations. Whether you are planning on remodeling an entire bathroom yourself or you just want to do a quick update, these budget friendly projects and bathroom transformations are sure to inspire you. Rope is such a simple & budget friendly way to update any inexpensive trash can. Just wrap the rope around the outside of your can, gluing with a hot glue gun as you go. Be sure to check out these other 7 Ways To Make Your Trash Can Not So Trashy. (via – Tow It Yourself) Another great way to update a trash can is by adding some glam with a simple coat of metallic spray paint. Use any leftover paint on a thrift store knick-knacks to place on your bathroom shelves. (via – Crab + Fish) This lady added faux stone to to outside of a builders style bathtub taking it from blah and boring to absolutely fabulous! (via – Lovely Craft Home) This diy toilet paper holder is so simple and functional. Use it to store extra rolls of toilet paper or decorate it with your favorite bathroom decor. (via – DIY Show Off) Change the entire look and feel of your bathroom by installing a faux brick wall. If you’ve ever wanted to add a brick wall but thought the entire project was too overwhelming then you must take a look at these tutorials. (via – DIY Home Sweet Home) Framing your bathroom mirror may not seem like a big deal but it has a huge impact. This frame is super light and hung up using command strips so you don’t even have to drill holes in your wall. (via – Cherished Bliss) I can’t believe how much of an impact a simple set of shelves can have on a room. These diy bathroom linen shelves add both style and storage and they give the entire room a different feel. (via – Ella Clair) I am in love with this floating sink. It would fit perfectly into any small bathroom and the tutorial makes it seam so simple. (via – The Merrythought) Complete Bathroom Transformations On A Budget If your still stuck on what to do with your bathroom, check out these amazing diy bathroom remodels done on a very small budget. Shades of blue installed ship lap throughout her bathroom, add shelves, and even built a custom vanity cabinet. She was able to do all this and more for a total of $1250 (via – Shades Of Blue) The Blooming Hydrangea transformed her master bathroom from sad vanilla to sexy and beautiful. She added a backsplash, new mirror, faucet, shelves, hardware, new flooring, and picture frame moulding. It’s hard to image this entire project cost only $800 (The Blooming Hydrangea) The first thing I noticed about The Craft Patch’s bathroom remodel was the large mirror frame! Wow, what a difference it makes to the room. Along with the frame, she added a fresh coat of paint and some decorative items. Her total makeover came to a whopping $96 (The Craft Patch) The Bless’er House took her master bathroom from builder grade, boring to bright and beautiful. The painted vanity and new hardware are the first things that stand out in this bathroom transformation. New mirrors, updated window frame, decorative items, and even a wood planked wall behind the tub all contribute to this beautiful remodel. She was able to do it all for only $374. (Bless’er House) This thrifty update from Little Bit Of Paint was very simple but added a lot of impact. A coat of paint, new mirror, and picture frame moulding was all added for only $101. (Little Bit Of Paint) Centsational Girl did an amazing job on this bathroom remodel. She updated everything from the toilet to the vanity and sink. New decor, shower curtain, and a fresh coat of paint was added. She even refinished the tub with a spray- on epoxy paint, giving it a new look. All for a grand total of $924 (Centsational Girl) Related posts you may enjoy: 20 Ways to make You Kitchen Look Amazing! 9 DIY Chicken Wire Projects DIY Farmhouse Home Decor Projects 8 Inexpensive Kitchen Appliance Makeovers 6 Beautiful Diy Flooring Options For Every Budget The 7 Best DIY Home Decor Projects 10 Ways to Transform Yard Sale Knick-Knacks, Other Decorative Finds 102 Tips, Tricks, & Hacks To Simplify Your Life 11 Inspiring Uses For Picture Frames Connect with me & stay up to date with new posts on DIYHSH Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Google+ | Instagram Wait!! Do you want to see more amazing DIY projects?!! Subscribe to my mailing list to get updates sent straight to your inbox!