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The Golden Secrets

The Golden Secrets - The Golden Secrets -   17 beauty Skin tumblr ideas
HYDRATE I¬† NOURISH I SCULPT Self-healing on an energetic level Our Sorceress Stone Gua Sha Beauty Tool¬†contains over 40 trace elements (over 20 of these have anti-aging effects) unrivaled value by any other stone.¬†This tool is designed specifically to rejuvenate, nourish, and brighten your skin naturally.¬† It detoxifies and lifts the skin by increasing lymphatic flow and toning the facial muscles, having¬†the ability to take years off your skin and unveil your natural glow.Think of it as an eraser that smoothes out fine lines and wrinkles! The key to a long, healthy, vital life is one where your energy flows freely through your body.¬†Where attention goes, energy flows. Check out our complete Sorceress Stone Ritual Collection HERE: Description: ¬† Gua Sha technique is an ancient, sacred self-care practice that works with your body’s innate wisdom and healing abilities to create qi (life force) in stagnant areas so that your skin can flourish and radiate. The process and consistency of using our Sorceress Stone Gua Sha Beauty Tool helps to break up this energy and helps to restore your healthy skin.¬†Comes with a¬†40+ page ebook (step-by-step guide + tutorial videos included) Benefits: Increase blood flow and oxygen to the face minimizing wrinkles and activating collagen production. Reduces dark circles and de-puffs the under eye for bright eyes Awakens cells and accelerates healing, clearing up acne, rosacea, eczema, and blemishes Smooths out facial expressions and re-educates facial muscles to lift (firm) and tone the muscles and increase skin elasticity (opposite of botox and fillers) Reduces all over puffiness, water retention and jowls. Visibly contours the face to create a more slimmer,¬† sculpted v-shaped look. Retrains the way the skin functions, minimizes skin discoloration and dark spots, improving skin tone and texture Boosts lymphatic circulation, flushing toxins and helping the body detoxify Reduces tension, relieves stress, alleviates headaches, jaw, neck and shoulder pain Brightens the complexion and minimizes pore size, unveiling an ageless glow Increases absorption and efficacy of products Usage: ¬† We recommend doing the Sorceress Stone Gua Sha Beauty Ritual 2-3x per week up to 2x per day. You can expect both immediate and cumulative results over time – consistency is key for long-lasting results. Best used in combination with The Aura Clearing Mist and Youth Beauty Face Oil or The Heal All Oil. Natural Ingredients ¬† What makes ours stone so special? 100% Natural + Authentic + Sustainably Sourced + Custom Made with Bian Stone-unrivaled value by any other stone on the market. Bian Stone therapy is one of humanity’s oldest medical practices. It was created 65 million years ago when a meteor struck a mountain in ancient China.¬†The healing Power of the Bian Stone contains over 40 trace elements (over 20 of these have anti-aging effects) creates therapeutic Far infra-Red (FIR) waves and therapeutic ultrasound, negative ions best known to help with antioxidation (anti-aging) in human cells and DNA and beneficial minerals. Healing ultrasonic waves from the stone has the ability to deeply penetrate the skin, accelerating healing, activating cells and resulting in complete rejuvenation of the skin.¬† ¬†Keep in mind that due to natural variations in the stone, every Sculpting Stone is unique in its own veining, pattern and color. Authentic Bian stones temperature quickly conforms to that of human body contact, meaning the stone will get warm after use.¬† Comes with¬†a beautiful protective bag. We recommend keeping your stone in its bag in a safe place because it is very delicate and can break if dropped.