16 beauty Aesthetic eyes ideas

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PAT McGRATH LABS - PAT McGRATH LABS -   16 beauty Aesthetic eyes ideas
DESCRIPTION Succumb to the splendour of ten extravagantly extraterrestrial shades, saturated with pure colour and diamond sparkle intensity – ranging from ravishingly radiant rose gold, incendiary crimson and molten metallic bronzes to mesmerising mattes – presented in a luxurious couture palette. BENEFITS – Creamy and soft textures igniting metallic, pearlized pigments and amplifying colour.- Extreme blendability and adherence.- Pure colour intensity.- Polished and bright multidimensional finish on eyes.- Emollient-like texture and glide, sensorial feel.- One-stroke, fully pigmented, opaque colour saturation. APPLICATION GILTY PLEASURES – A subliminally structured eye, drenched in bronzed platinum, accentuated with a soft warm contour Apply a light wash of ENTRAPMENT across the lid, blending outwards and upwards to the brow bone. Intensify the crease and outer corner using DISOBEDIENT; diffuse the edges to elongate and accentuate the eye shape.  Apply DISOBEDIENT along the lower lashline and softly diffuse the pigment with a small blending brush for opulent definition. Open up the eyes by pressing GILTY PLEASURE onto the lid with a finger until reaching desired intensity. Emphasize the inner corner and brow bone with SKIN SHOW DIVINE GLOW. BLAZING BRONZE – A sublime smokey eye, enveloped in glistening bronze with an electrifying inner corner Sweep ENTRAPMENT through the crease and eye socket with a blending brush. Pat DISOBEDIENT onto the inner and outer portion of the lid with a flat brush to add dimension to the eye. Intensify the look by pressing BRONZE BLAZE onto the center of the lid with a finger. Smudge DISOBEDIENT onto the lower lash line with a small detail brush, and blend the edges for a smokey effect. Illuminate the inner corner and brow bone by patting VR FIRE OPAL on with a damp brush. BLITZ FLAME – A subversive smokey eye, metalized with crimson and rose gold, exaggerated with aubergine Apply BLITZ FLAME to the lid, pressing the pigment in with your finger until reaching desired intensity. Increase dimension by applying XTREME AUBERGINE into the eye socket, crease and outer corner, blending the pigment outward to elongate the eye shape. Smudge XTREME AUBERGINE onto the lower lashline to add depth. Layer ROSE GOLD 005 onto the inner half of the lid by swiping the pigment on with a finger. Intensify the lower lash line by applying BLITZ FLAME to the center with a small detail brush. Finish the look by illuminating the inner corner and brow bone with ASTRAL LUNA GOLD on a damp brush. Palette Shade Application SkinShow Divine Glow – Electrify inner corners and illuminate the lid and the brow bone. Use wet or dry.Entrapment – Sweep this warm terracotta shade through the crease to sculpt and contour.Bronze Blaze – Metallize lids by pressing pigment on with finger or use a brush for soft blending.Rose Gold 005 – Gild lids and inner corners with this gleaming metallic rose gold.VR Fire Opal – Dramatically drench lids in this mind-altering duo­chromatic colour.Astral Luna Gold – Pat over desired shade with the fingertip for colour morphing sultry shine.Blitz Flame – Envelop the lid with intense multi­dimensional, metallic crimson. Press pigment with finger or blend with flat brush.Disobedient – Sweep this deep mahogany through the crease for definition. For precise lining use a dampened brush.Gilty Pleasure – Tempt and transfix with a vibrant flash of golden taupe. Press on with finger to build opacity.Xtreme Aubergine – Create decadently opaque lids or cut the crease with one sweep.