15 fitness Couples with kids ideas

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7 Years Anniversary 7 Random Facts | Give The Gift Of Health Ft. Brooks Running – Sveeteskapes

Marriage and fitness! What makes our marriage happy and what’s the secret that got us to fall in love! Love for travel and adventure is one of the things that keeps us connected. Just like every newlywed couple we had our struggles (and some more) but we keep our love alive. Check our 7th anniversary celebration and tips for a successful, healthy and happy relationship with a kid. #marriage #newlywed #fitnessgoals #parenting #weddinganniversary #fitcouple Thanks to Brooks Running for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions in the post are my own. Forever is a long time, make sure you spend it with someone that makes you laugh! The smile that he put on my face on Day 1 is only getting bigger, with each passing day, and with