15 diy Dollar Tree farmhouse ideas

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How to Make Dollar Tree DIY Washboard Laundry Room Sign

I have seen so many washboards used as Farmhouse style decor that I decided to make one of my own with dollar tree Items. To see how to make this DIY check out the video! This project only cost me around $1.25 to make. I made a mini one because I wanted to place it on a shelf in my Laundry Room. This mini washboard looks so cute in my Laundry Room! I wanted some inexpensive and easy to make farmhouse style decor for the laundry room and since I am a huge fan of Dollar Tree DIYs, I headed there to find supplies to make one. I love the look of vintage washboards used for laundry room decor and was so excited to find a small frame that had galvanized metal inside to help me recreate the look of a washboard! I also bought a mini jenga game in order to use the wooden blocks to help make the sign a bit bigger than my frame size. I used