Stephanie’s Pork & Swiss Muffins

This is a ham and also cheese morning meal all finished up right into a beautiful little muffin. Stephanie from Clockwork Lemon made these with her remaining pork and also grated swiss cheese. Terrific concept! She has additionally stumbled across muffin linings that don’t stick. I frantically require several of those! Go look into the recipe and instructions, including her secret active ingredient that includes a strike of taste to create this scrumptious pork and swiss muffin dish.

Stephanie’s Pork & Swiss Muffins

Made to Order Fire-Grilled Asian Pork Jerky (Origi...

Made to Order FireGrilled Asian Pork Jerky Original Flavor  12 Ounce aka Singapore Bak Kwa  Los Angeles Times quotHandmade Giftquot Winner


  1. Singapore-Style fire-grilled jerky (aka Bak Kwa) is an immensely popular sweet dried-meat snack from the Asian-Pacific. Fragrant Jerky is the first to introduce this authentic Singapore-style fire-grilled jerky to the US. Our jerky are made with a family recipe three-generation old, using the same age-old technique and labor-intensive process to prepare the meat, then slowly fire grilled them to perfection.
  2. Our pork jerky are made from fresh USDA-inspected whole cuts of meat (ham meat). The extra lean ham meat cut just the right thickness and tenderized to spare you jaw the heavy lifting. Our original flavor pork jerky is sweet & salty taste, natural smoky BBQ flavor from the fire grilling process. Each piece is individually hand-grilled to perfection for that real bold BBQ taste. As high protein snacks or add to your favorite instant noodles, sandwiches and more.
  3. Each and every order is freshly grilled-to-order by hands, just before we ship them to you by Expedited shipping to assure the finest quality. They are never prepackaged, never stored in a warehouse for weeks or months. We ship your orders within 24 hours or the next business day.
  4. Our products are made fresh daily at our USDA/FSIS, California Public Health Department, inspected commercial kitchen facility in Los Angeles.
  5. Singapore-style fire-grilled pork jerky (aka Bak Kwa) has been voted #1 pork jerky in the World. Fragrant Jerky's authentic Singapore-style pork jerky is three times Los Angeles Times food category winner and Los Angeles Times’ "Handmade Gift Guide" Winner

EPIC Maple Bacon Pork Cracklings, Keto Consumer Fr...

EPIC Maple Bacon Pork Cracklings Keto Consumer Friendly 4 Count Box 25oz bags


  1. PROTEIN SNACK: satisfy your crunch craving with 6 grams of protein per serving
  2. CROWD PLEASER: Reach for a bag for your next event, lunch or as a breadcrumb alternative
  3. ANTIBIOTIC FREE: Animals not treated with antibiotics
  4. HEALTHY SNACK: Certified Gluten-Free, Keto Consumer Friendly, Paleo friendly
  5. CONTAINS: 4 Count Box of 2.5oz pork rinds snack bags

Pork Panko - 0 Carb Pork Rind Breadcrumbs - Keto a...

Pork Panko  0 Carb Pork Rind Breadcrumbs  Keto and Paleo Friendly Naturally GlutenFree and CarbFree 3 x 3oz Packs


  1. ✓ Carb Free. Friendly to Keto, Paleo, Diabetic, Bariatric Diet
  2. ✓ Simple. Contains Only Two Ingredients: Pork Skin + Rock Salt
  3. ✓ Easy. Substitute 1 to 1 for bread crumbs in any recipe.
  4. ✓ Oven & Grill Friendly. A high heat tolerance allows for use in any recipe that uses flour. Use to bread chicken, fish, scotch eggs, or as flour in bread or pizza crusts.
  5. ✓ Gluten Free. Made in a facility that exclusively makes pork rinds.

Pork Barrel BBQ All American Seasoning Mix, Dry Ru...

Pork Barrel BBQ All American Seasoning Mix Dry Rub Perfect for Chicken Beef Pork Fish and More Gluten Free Preservative Free and MSG Free 22 Ounce


  1. Give your food a gourmet smoky flavor by using the delectable Pork Barrel BBQ All American Seasoning & Rub (22 oz.)
  2. With this delicious BBQ dry rub, you can easily impart slow-cooked flavors in your meats and more, without actually having to cook them for hours.
  3. Tastes great on chicken, pork, beef, fish fillets, scallops, shrimp, veggies, chili and more!
  4. The Pork Barrel BBQ All American Seasoning is gluten, preservative and MSG-free.
  5. A delicious seasoning blend inspired by the great flavors of classic American barbecue and crafted by enthusiastic barbecue pit masters.

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