Peppa Pig Game


Peppa Pig is a little Piggy who lives in the UK and she hasn't made much of herself here in the US yet, so finding items for the party was a little tricky.  My daughter fell in love with her via Nick Jr.    Hope you enjoy all of the pictures…

White cake with buttercream, yes please… the little teacup and teapot on the cake are from an antique playset.

My little one got Peppa and her little brother George for her birthday and each little girl got to have a Peppa Pig of her very own to take home.    Isn't Peppa cute?!

I placed a little chipboard initial on each tag so the girls could keep track of their Peppa Pigs during the party.  We couldn't have a bunch of pigs running amuck now could we?

Fresh roses from the garden…in a teapot of course.

These bowls were great to help hold the little plush bums upright.

We played a game that involved each of the girls being blindfolded with part of Peppa's eye, her tail, an arm, etc. and they had to put Peppa together.

Here is Peppa BEFORE.  I cut her out of construction paper and glued her to a piece of foam board that I purchased at our local discount store. I used tape on all of the parts that would be taken off and placed back on (like pin the tail on the donkey) and that way each girl could stick her part on Peppa's body form.

other than the eyes, they didn't do too bad…no worries, we put the little Piggy back together again. After the party, we headed outside to take a few pictures.

It was a very fine party indeed.


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