Great workout apps for a toned tummy.

The Adrian James Toned Tummy Workout starring fitness professional Danielle Holbrook helps you get toned and improve your core strength without the need for any equipment. Achieve your fitness goals with the most comprehensive range of exercises designed to be performed anywhere for all levels of ability.

Inspired by the training routines used by professional fitness model Adrian James, you can share the exercises honed a nd developed by Adrian over years of training. This training regime has allowed Adrian to build an aspirational physique that keeps him at the top of his profession, and to be one of the elite athletes who has achieved coveted sponsorship with Europe’s number one sports nutrition supplier, Maximuscle.

Stay motivated and track your progress using the 8 week body transformation challenge featuring randomly generated workouts with increasing levels of difficulty. Clear videos with audio instructions and exercise tips help you to perform each exercise correctly for rapid results.

Adrian James Toned Tummy Workout provides the most comprehensive range of training exercises to tone your body and build core strength.

+ 10 easy exercises to challenge every level of ability

+ Clear video demonstrations with audio commentary make sure you are
performing each exercise for best results

+ Tips provide clear ‘at a glance’ step by step guidance for each exercise

+ Workout mode with 1 randomised level to motivate you to reach your
fitness goals

+ Absolutely no gym equipment required

+ Meal Plan

Unfortunately Adriane do not support this app any more, but you still can get his another apps from HERE


Are you ready to transform your body?

I’m Adrian James and I’m going to help you smash your fitness goals. In just eight weeks, you can transform your body and achieve results you could never have dreamed of.

You put in the work and I’ll supply the know-how. Together we can do this. All the tools are right here:

Exercises. Workouts. Challenges. There’s even a meal plan to help you adopt healthy eating habits. My specially devised routines will hit every muscle and take your fitness to the next level.

Don’t just get in shape – get into the best shape of your life. Look amazing. Feel amazing. Love life.

Your time starts now.

Adrian James

App bundle includes:

• 3 unique 8-week challenges with points system

• 56 graded exercises to challenge every ability level

• Clear video demonstrations with audio commentary

• ‘At a glance’ tips to guide you through each exercise

• Workout mode with randomised levels to help you to hit your fitness goals

• 7-day meal plan with essential nutrition tips

• Absolutely no gym equipment required

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Awesome fitness app that will get you Amazing Abs in less than two weeks! Sounds too easy? With our app, it really is! But be careful, our workouts are so fun and enjoyable that it can lead to the healthiest exercising addiction ever!

•Informative overview of abs exercising
•Three effective HD video workouts for different fitness levels, so it will never get boring or too easy*
•Full descriptions for each exercise to get the maximum benefit out of workouts
•Endless fun of sports, as you can work out while listening your own music from iTunes!

*The first level is free, the second and third levels are in-app purchases.

More than 40 000 people are already hooked and training with us. Here are some of their reviews:
✓ This app is amazing and you feel and see it working after the first time!’’
✓ Saw results in the first day!!!’’
✓ Love this app!! Best one! And you can hear your own music while you work out’’

Download our app today and begin with your FUN, SIMPLE and ADDICTIVE workouts.

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Easy Abs Free


Get a great abdominal workout in just 3 minutes!

How long does it take to get a terrific core workout? Not as long as you think. With the right exercises combined with the right music and coaching to push you through, you can tone up your entire midsection in just minutes a day.

Each exercise includes an audio description to help walk you through the movement and a video you can view DURING YOUR WORKOUT, so that you can always double-check your form.

• A complete core workout everyday. Tone up your entire midsection quickly and easily.
• Workouts customized for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced exercisers.
• 27 unique exercises. Each one includes a video to help you perfect your form.
• lolo’s beat-sync technology perfectly matches the tempo of your music to your workout (beat-sync is available on iOS version 4.1 or better).
• Completely interactive. Swap out exercises to personalize your workouts. Increase or decrease the intensity at anytime and your trainer — and your music — will respond!

If you like the FREE VERSION,
• Additional 5-minute and 8-minute workouts.
• 70 unique exercises.
• Equipment based exercises. Add stability balls, dumbbells, BOSUs, and more to your workouts to really turn up the intensity.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Apple is not a sponsor of any Kiip reward or promotion.

What’s New in Version 1.6.2

Adding playlists, iOS 7 stability and graphics fixes, improved lolo Connect integration, performance improvements.

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Customer Reviews

Best fitness buddy

by Sarasofiaalmeida

I’ve been using easy abs, easy legs, killer but and easy arms for a week now and i would give it 100 starts I I could. There’s so Manu amazing things about it. It motivates me through the entire workout. I love the comments throughout the routines that tell me how my posture should be, when to drink water and the in between time counting. I like how you can choose the intensity on the settings but also in the middle of the workout I you feel like it’s too much at the moment. The calorie counting at the end keep me very motivated. I have a problem with certain exercises that put a lot of strain on my back and I love how you can just see a list of alternatives to that exercise or remove it altogether. It makes me really excited to do the workout because I can personalise it to my needs. At the end o the day all my muscles ache and that’s a great sign. I’ve been praising these apps so much and making my fiends download it because I really can’t get enough of how good thy are. Il be buying many o Lolo apps in the future. I came across them because of My Fitness Pal.


by Sophjdbess

This app is brilliant, it’s really reassuring to know you can use it every day as a personal trainer and you can really feel the effect after each session. Also I love how it tells you the amount of calories you’ve burnt at the end!

Easy abs, does what it says!

Great app! Easy to follow, like having a personal trainer!

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Core Workouts Free


Lose weight, look better, stand taller and feel more confident with this simple FREE app!

✓ Gain more core strength
✓ Core exercises with steps & animations
✓ Pre-set workouts with 4 difficulty levels
✓ Design your own custom workouts
✓ Your own personal e-trainer (via email)
✓ In-app trainer voice!


1) Open up Core Workouts daily

2) Choose a workout depending on your experience

3) Press the ‘Play’ button & the app will TALK you through the workout – giving you encouragement and motivation as you go!

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P.S. Did you download it yet? It’s 100% free!

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Customer Reviews


by Mustafa Muhammad

Excellent app guysss u lot are helping me get fitter reallly quicxkkk yourr amazinggggg keep up the good workkk guysssss !!!

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