Cut-Out T-Shirt DIYs

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DIY Cut Out T Shirts

Check out the tutorial for this cut out t-shirt by Boat People

There’s nothing sexier than a cut out back for summer.  And it transitions well into fall.  I know that seems forever away sitting here in MN with a 110 degree heat index.  But having been in fashion retail for over a decade you get use to thinking ahead.  In a month stores (even in the south) will start getting coats in!  So I’m trying to make things I can wear now and for the next few months.  You could easily layer these tops with a fun colored tank top, t-shirt, or long sleeve shirt.  Or just wear it bear for a sexy surprise.

Check out Runway DIY’s Tutorial for this cut out skull ts-hirt
Fellt Shreaded Hearts (above) jack and jill (below) via A Pair and a Square