Bite-size Caramel Apples

I loooooooove caramel apples.  I know, I say “love” a lot, but I’m not kidding.  We are really in love.  I’m going to marry caramel apples, or have them at my wedding someday….or something.  It’s true love.
So, add this idea to my love of sticks, and mini things. I saw this is a Family Fun magazine over a year ago, I had to try it out!  I made one little adaptation, the pretzel ‘sticks.’  I wanted the whole thing to be edible!
It’s a really easy process.  One green apple allows about 7 ‘mini’ apples via a melon baller.
I’m missing one b/c true to it’s shaped, it rolled off my counter.
I found these new balls of caramel, and melted them with a little water.  (I stirred every 30 seconds for about 1 and 1/2 min).
I stirred, and then dipped.
One bag of these caramels will safely make at least 5 apples (35+) mini apples.  Just be careful with the water to caramel ratio when melting, or it will completely fall off the apple over time if there is too much water.  (If you are serving these right away, no problem.  If you are serving these later, play around with this in advance, depending on the humidity where you live, the caramel likes to fall when it’s next to the wetness of the apple.  I’ve read that freezing the apples after you dip them works, and the caramel won’t completely freeze, but I haven’t tested this yet.  Another alternative would be to use the caramel wraps you can buy near the apples in the fresh fruit section of the store.  Cut them down to size, wrap, and the caramel should stay put!).