9 diy Bookshelf speakers ideas

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Orfeo - Orfeo -   9 diy Bookshelf speakers ideas
Orfeo – XAVIAN The Orfeo standmounter – the reference standard of what can be achieved in the world of sound reproduction in a compact two-way form – is the result of a quarter-century experience in speaker development and production. The uncoloured instrument tonality, the natural coherence of the performance, the large dynamic headroom and the vanishingly low distortion are the basic sound characteristics of the Orfeo. The technology of uncompromising drivers, manufactured in Italy under the AudioBarletta brand, is based on decades of experience with some of the world’s most renowned manufacturers – we have learned from them and moved on, beyond drivers with real world limits, whether mechanical parts, carefully selected membranes, their impregnation or shapes. The goal was just one – perfect reproduction of music from a compact cabinet. Extremely exceptional are the surface finishes that can withstand the strictest standards of the world of luxury products – meticulous handwork, selected solid wood, carefully and absolutely flawlessly applied varnishes, all to the highest standards. Under the gorgeous look of Orfeo is hidden all the know-how of Xavian – custom-made drivers or highly sophisticated frequency crossovers that include top class Jantzen and Mundorf components or our very own Fase Zero technology for optimal driver connection In just one word – reference. EPIC SOLUTIONS: handmade solid oak enclosures, which are worked for several days due to their rugged shapes and extraordinary thickness complex internal bracing system for perfect cabinet rigidity AudioBarletta drivers custom-made to the highest possible standards and manufactured in Italy with oversized magnetic β€œmotors” and carefully selected diaphragms labyrinth working chamber of the tweeter all drivers are paired by hand short-circuiting copper rings in magnetic systems that make the drives more precise technologically advanced crossovers with precision Mundorf and Jantzen components exclusive and absolutely unique finishes that stand up to any comparison – especially the premium β€œmarina” finish flat reference class frequency response extraordinary dynamic headroom precise internal damping using several layers of complementary materials bi-amping / bi-wiring option magnetically attached cover grille BUY DIRECTLY FROM XAVIAN * * apply only in selected areas, for the complete list of distributors please click here