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Lots of people like to read. They find this a very relaxing activity that allows them to get rid of the stress and to disappear into a fantastic world along with the characters of the book. It’s great to be able to do that but before you get to enjoy reading you also have to take care of a few functional elements. For example, you need to find a proper storage space for your books. We’ve prepared a series of wonderful examples and we hope they’ll inspire you.

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If you want to store your books in the living room, then this space will become a sort of library. A simple and rather traditional storage solution would be to have one or many bookcases. To integrate them in the décor without wasting too much space, you could use the small spaces in between the windows or in the corners.{found on smithandvansant}.

If you’re the type of person that likes to read in bed before falling asleep, then it would be best to have a storage space close by in order to avoid getting up or leaving the room. A great solution would be to use the space underneath the bed. You could have a bed with built-in storage or you could add shelves and compartments yourself.{found on zinhome}.

Someone that really enjoys reading will not use one single spot for this activity. It’s most likely that you’ll find yourself reading in the kitchen, for example. So why not have a storage area for your books inside the kitchen island. It could be side of the island or a few shelves somewhere separate from everything else.{found on taraseawright}.

Of course, there are also cases when there’s just not enough space inside the house and finding a good spot for storing the books turns out to be a difficult task. But we have a perfect solution. You could use the staircase for that. The space underneath each step could be used as a storage compartment for books.{found on locati}.

Let’s say your home has an open floor plan and you have a hallway with a partial wall that separates this space from the living room. That wall could be a perfect space for storing books. You can turn it into a bookcase and take advantage of its presence. You could find similar situations in your home as well.{found on site}.

This basement, as you can see, has a TV area and that space is visually delimitated from the rest of the room through a room divider. This divider was used as a storage solution for books while the top is a very functional counter space. It’s useful in more than one way.{found on site}.

Another option would be to choose built-in bookcases. If you lace them like this then they’ll provide you with the storage space you need for all the books while also bouncing the light into the room. It’s a nice option for living room but also for home offices. Also, take advantage of the space underneath the window.{found on smithandvansant}.

It’s common for people to enjoy reading in the bathroom. Whether you’re taking a relaxing bath and wish to relax ever more by reading your favorite book or if you simply need something to occupy your time with while in the bathroom, it would be useful to have a built-in space where you could store a few books.{image from Rob}.

In the kitchen you could easily find the space for some of your favorite books. You could store them on a shelf next to your dishes. As long as they are separated by a divider, there’s nothing to worry about. In fact, it’s a great way of taking advantage of the space and using it cleverly.{found on site}.

In the case of the bedroom, under-bed storage is a great idea but it’s not the only one. Another nice solution would be to have low furniture along the walls, at the level of the windows. This way you could have a place to sit on when you wish to admire the views, storage space for all your books and other items and even a display area.{found on forsman}.

If there’s just not enough space in the house and you can’t find a spot for your books, then maybe you should stop looking around you and redirect your attention towards the space above you. If your ceiling has exposed beams then you could use them to your advantage and create a secret storage space in the ceiling.{image source}.

Another very space-efficient and smart storage idea would be to have your staircase wall turned into a bookcase. This way, as you go up or down the stairs, you can select a book to take with you in the bedroom or in the kitchen. It’s a nice alternative for a wall that is usually used for displaying photos.{image from David}.

This is an unusual but quite clever idea. If you have a fireplace but it’s no longer functional or it’s just for décor, then you could use the space inside it for storage. You could store a stack of books in there and they’ll also become decorations for the room’s interior décor.

In the kitchen there are lots of small spaces that you could use for storage. For example, a long and narrow series of shelves would be a great wine rack but, if some of the spaces remain unused, you could store a few books in there and it can actually be a clever solution.{found on amrdesign}.

Those that enjoy reading like to create their own cozy space where they can relax. It’s a reading corner or simply a space with a comfortable seat. Well, you could also have built-in bookcase shelves on either side of this space. This way you’ll have your books close at hand and it will become clear what the function of that space is.{image from Teri}.

If your bathroom is spacious enough, then you could have a wall unit with shelves and storage compartments and one or two of those spaces could be where you store some of your books. A few books should be enough for this room. After all, you could easily replace them once you’ve gotten bored with them.{found on site}.

As mentioned, reading a good book while taking a relaxing bath is a very pleasant activity. So keep a few books in the bathroom just for this purpose. You could also install a support on the bathtub on which to put your book so you can read it without the water damaging it.{found on theblogonthebookshelf}.

Hallways are usually spaces that people are not fond of. They are long and narrow and there’s not much you can do to make them functional. One solution would be to put up some selves and to store and display books, magazines and all sorts of other items on them. This way at least you’d be used the wall space for something.

Here’s a very beautiful home office that, as you can see, has amazing views. The large windows definitely enhance the beauty of these views. But under these windows there’s also a very cleverly used space. It’s a book-storage system, very practical and space-efficient.{found on site}.

If you’re a book lover this doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to have lots of books in your home. You could just have a few books that you actually love and enjoy reading. Also, you could choose not to store them all in one place. You could have some in the bathroom, on a shelf, some in the kitchen and some in the bedroom. This way you’ll always find something good to read wherever you are.{found on smithandvansant}.




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