19 diy Jewelry inspiration ideas

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Dainty golden pearl earrings for bride Long peach earrings for women Crystal chandelier earrings

Ooak long crystal earring for women. One more reason for an honest compliment. Statement earrings are going to create a shining look for you! Details: Made of – Swarovski crystals, Swarovski pearls, sterling silver closure, silver tone costume jewelry metal. Style – Boho. Length – 2.9 inches. Comes in gift packaging. This is a unique hand-crafted masterwork – limited to a single copy. Check out my other earrings https://etsy.me/2sNB9YR Designer jewelry is a perfect seasoning for your everyday look. If you’re interested in something truly special — look no further. Check out my Instagram – there are detailed videos on most of my pieces. @jewelry.by.elen.chert And if you happen to be a gentleman shopping for a gift for your lady, here’s a couple of tips: 1) There’s no such thing as “too much jewelry”. 2) Any woman would love jewelry as a gift regardless of her age – and yes, that includes your grandma. 3) Designer jewelry is always a safe choice – you don’t have to worry that she might have a very similar one already. 4) Pay attention to the metal that she’s wearing: if she mixes gold and silver then feel free to choose whatever, but if she’s sticking to just silver or gold – it would be wise to follow that. 5) If you’re worried about sizing – don’t be: bracelets and necklaces are easy to adjust, so just shoot me a note and I’ll make it a perfect fit. It’s free. 6) On an off chance you might not like a jewelry piece that you got – you can always return it for a full refund: I believe that my designs need to bring joy, not disappointment (for whatever reason). 7) Last but not least – send me a note to your loved one and I’ll put it on a card that comes with every piece of my jewelry. She’ll definitely enjoy it and it’s totally free!