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Easy Fall Crafts

Easy Fall Crafts - Easy Fall Crafts -   19 diy Easy simple ideas
Easy Fall Crafts from Dollar Tree items. DIY can be inexpensive and simple! I walked into the Dollar Tree the other day and it was full of autumn goodness… beautiful faux maple leaves, acorns, pumpkins, and shades of red, orange, and yellow covered the end caps. I felt like I needed a Pumpkin Spice anything… Give me ALL the Pumpkin Spice! Ha! And for 2 minutes, it gave me a glimmer of hope that I would experience Fall this year… But then I remembered that I live in Florida so the only Fall I’ll be experiencing is the *FALL* that I create in my home… the home that will have the AC blasting through December. We have one season here – SUMMER. Oh well… that’s life, I suppose. So back to the Dollar Tree… it was full of autumn goodness… Holy Moly! Ribbon! Look at these cute wooden stickers!Metal Words – fun!More RibbonPumpkins! So of course I got completely sidetracked from whatever I was in the Dollar Tree for in the first place and I started brainstorming things to make with all the fall goodness!! A 2-minute trip turned into a 45-minute brainstorming sessions with piles of supplies in little mounds. I’m a firm believer that ANYONE can craft AND that crafts don’t have to be elaborate or expensive to be CUTE! Watch this to get your juices flowing! Easy Wreath Supplies: Wreath, Ribbon, Galvanized Tin Words, Flowers, Scissors, Hot Glue The process is Easy Peasy – only takes 5 – 10 minutes! Wrap the wreath with ribbon. You can create a bow or if you don’t like bows, skip the bow. Add flowers if you like flowers or use the wooden stickers. Make it YOURS! Fall Vase Supplies: Vase, Ribbon, Raffia, Wooden Stickers, Hot Glue, Scissors (you could put flowers or a candle in the vase) I did this craft in 5 minutes. I wrapped the tall ribbon around the vase, hot gluing it as needed, wrapped raffia around the middle and glued a leaf to where I tied the raffia in a knot. Voila! It would be a cute table centerpiece if you made 2 more. (My brain thinks in sets of 3) Burlap Pumpkin Supplies: Styrofoam pumpkin, Burlap Ribbon (or ribbon of your choice – doesn’t have to be burlap!), Flowers, Stems/leaves, Scissors, Hot glue This one took a little more time than the other ones. I was inspired by BlakeByDesign (if you are on Instagram, you should check her out – lots of fun projects!) – she used fabric strips and covered a pumpkin – ADORABLE! Instead of fabric, I cut strips of Dollar Tree ribbon to fit around the pumpkin and then I hot glued each piece overlapping until I covered it completely. I then glued some some leaves on the top and placed flowers in the middle. Simple and cute! My little collection of *FALL* Dollar Tree crafts! With the exception of the faux eucalyptus plant (IKEA) hiding in the back, the entire tiered tray is decorated with items from the Dollar Tree. That green porcelain pumpkin with the gold stem – Dollar Tree. That orange burlap pumpkin – Dollar Tree. The white ball fillers – Dollar Tree. Succulent – Dollar Tree. You get the point. Decorating doesn’t have to be expensive and crafting doesn’t have to be complicated, so run to your local Dollar Tree. You’ve got this!!! Follow me on Facebook and Instagram for more DIY Crafts & Projects.