18 diy Shelves for kids room ideas

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DIY Floating Lego Shelves

DIY Floating Lego Shelves, Lego Shelving, Wood Floating Shelves, Wood Shelves on Pegs, Shelving for Legos, Lego Kids Room Shelving, Lego Shelves #kidsroomstorage My boys are Lego obsessed. Of course in their eyes Legos are for building and then keeping your creation for years. This means that their room is overrun by Legos on every surface. I decided it was finally time to build them a proper display space for their collection. If your house is over-run by any type of collection these DIY floating Lego shelves are a simple and affordable way to display lots of things! I started by cutting a cedar board down to the proper length and sanding it smooth. **this post contains affiliate links** Then I stained it