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Celestial Wall Hanging

Celestial Wall Hanging - Celestial Wall Hanging -   18 diy Decoracion home ideas
Sun and Moon, yin and yang: the balance of nature is essential.  One force without its opposite is powerless.  The Moon reflects the light of the sun, illuminating the night when life rests and restores itself.  Manifest your dreams with the power of masculine + feminine energy.  When both align, all is possible.   Each is made from metal, and polished with a shimmering gold. Hangs around 3-3.5 feet long. *Chain links are adjustable *Be gentle, the shimmering polish can leave a little sparkle *These are handmade; They may have slight flaws and not perfectly symmetrical, but thats what makes them so special! 🙂 ? This item is a “preorder” and will be ready for shipment around the first week of December! Make sure you’re signed up for subscribed to our email list so you can receive updates on preorders!