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The Ultimate College Planner in Printable & Digital

The Ultimate College Planner in Printable & Digital - The Ultimate College Planner in Printable & Digital -   18 college fitness Tips ideas
This is not your average DIGITAL college planner. The pages in this planner will assist you in being more success and goal oriented while guiding you through a proven process of getting organized, prioritizing, staying on task, and helping you plan effectively for your future. This academic planner, developed with expertise gained over 27 years of working with college students, will be the most pocket-friendly investment you’ll make to take command of your college success. Designed to help college students at any level! ___________________________ HOW IT WILL HELP By using this digital college planner, you can expect to: • make wise decisions about how to spend your time • stay motivated through the daily grind of academic work • understand how to track your academic progress • plan effectively for assignments, quizzes and tests • know exactly how well you’re doing in all classes • decide on your major using a proven effective 6-step process • get clear about the purpose of your education (8-step process) • pursue meaningful goals and dreams • pursue intentional experiences throughout college to develop an awesome resume • and SO. MUCH. MORE. __________________________ WHAT’S INCLUDED? An interactive / hyperlinked PDF ready for instant download to your tablet including: 1. 39 Planning Pages that include a MONDAY & SUNDAY Start 2. 8 section covers (different styles) & tabs hyperlinked for easy navigation 3. 23 digital planning stickers (PNG file) The 39 planning pages include: 1. Packing checklist 2. Shopping List 3. Budget Worksheet 4. Challenge & Support Resource Planner 5. Purpose & Vision for My Future (8 pages) 6. Major Exploration & Decision Making (5 pages) 7. Resume Development (4 pages) 8. Goals & Steps 9. Yearly Goals Planner (2 pages) 10. Class Goals Tracker 11. Weekly Schedule At-A-Glance (style 1)* 12. Weekly Schedule At-A-Glance (style 2)* 13. Weekly Schedule At-A-Glance (style 3)* 14. Weekly Schedule At-A-Glance (style 4)* 15. Weekly Plan for Success (style 1)* 16. Weekly Plan for Success (style 2)* 17. To-Do List for the Week (style 1)* 18. To-Do List for the Week (style 2)* 19. To-Do List for the Week (style 3)* 20. Priorities Plan 21. Progress Tracker 22. Semester Due Dates at-a-glance (12 pages)* 23. Assignment Tracker* 24. Attendance Tracker* 25. Participation Tracker 26. Grade Tracker (3 pages) 27. Study Habits Tracker (4 pages) 28. Topics to Study & Learn 29. Reading Notes for Success (2 pages) 30. Exam Topics to Study 31. Brainstorming Tracker (style 1) 32. Brainstorming Tracker (style 2) 33. Workout Plan* 34. Attitude Adjustment Tracker 35. Affirmations 36. Mindset 37. Finals Planner 38. Semester Review and Reflection 39. Graduation Tracker *Includes both a Monday & Sunday Start __________________________ PREFER A PRINTABLE PLANNER VERSION? • Visit – https://etsy.me/2VZEWLF __________________________ OTHER HELPFUL DIGITAL PLANNERS • Plan Your Time Perfectly – https://etsy.me/2VFWy21 • Design A Life Planner – https://etsy.me/2RG6YuW • Ultimate Goal Planner – https://etsy.me/2H0XtRX __________________________ INSTANT DOWNLOAD (DIGITAL FORMAT) • This is an instant digital download to begin using immediately on your iPad or tablet. • Hyperlinked tabs for easy navigation. • The final stage of the purchasing process will include 2 PDF files and 1 PNG file (digital stickers). • You’ll also receive an email with your files. • See directions below for downloading a PDF file to your iPad or tablet. • Please note ~ you will need a PDF annotation app such as Goodnotes, Notability, Noteshelf, etc. to use this product. You’ll also need a stylus such as an Apple pencil for easy use. __________________________ DIRECTIONS This process is fast and easy. Please follow these steps: 1. From your iPad or tablet, sign into your Etsy account at https://www.etsy.com/. – (if you don’t have an account, see your e-mail for the download). 2. Click on YOU in the upper right corner and select PURCHASES AND REVIEWS. 3. Locate your purchase and click on Download Files (on the right). 4. Locate the planner file and click on Download. This opens gogetsy.com. 5. In the upper right corner, click on the box with the arrow pointing up. 6. Select the program you use from the list of apps. Select MORE … if you don’t see your program. 7. Select ‘copy to’ Goodnotes / Noteshelf / Notability….whichever program you’re using and your planner will be ready to use. __________________________ FILES PROVIDED • 2 Interactive PDF files with hyperlinks for your iPad or tablet ~ 1 Sunday start & 1 Monday start • 1 PNG file with digital planning stickers ___________________________ REFUNDS Most digital sellers do not offer refunds due to the nature of the product. However, my goal is that you are happy with your purchase. If you give this product an honest try and it’s just not helpful for you, please message me to let me know how the product can be improved and to discuss a refund. ____________________________ WHO AM I TO BE DEVELOPING THIS TYPE OF PLANNER? Hi, I’m Karen. I graduated from a college in the midwest with a degree in Social Work. I then earned my Master’s Degree in Public Administration; ultimately finding my passion working in Higher Education. Over the last 27 years and thousands of hours of individual work with college students of all ages, I have developed an expertise in a variety of college development areas including major exploration, goal setting, academic success, life purpose, prioritizing, decision-making, time management, study skills, and resume development to name a few. ____________________________ QUESTIONS? Don’t hesitate to message me if you have any questions. I’d love to hear from you! All my best, Karen __________________________ TERMS OF USE © All Design are Copyrights of Web Enterprises, LLC. They may not be resold, copied beyond each individual purchase or distributed without consent. Although this product is a digital download, only one person per purchase is authorized to use it. Please purchase additional copies if you’d like to share with others. If interested in bulk purchasing, please contact me to discuss a reduced price. Thank you for respecting my copyright policy.