17 turkey disguise project template ideas

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Disguise A Turkey Templates

Disguise A Turkey Templates - Disguise A Turkey Templates -   17 turkey disguise project template ideas
Use these templates to disguise your turkey for the disguise a turkey writing lesson. Included are templates for Santa Clause, A Snowman and a Superhero. Use cotton balls to complete Santa and the Snowman. Have students cut out the design, color and glue on to a forward facing turkey.The turkey I used to design these templates was a free download from SavvySecondGraders.blogspot.com Time sure has been flying by this year! I can’t believe it’s almost Thanksgiving already. Each year my teamies and I send home this awesome project. The kids are told to disguise their turkeys so they won’t be eaten for Thanksgiving. I’m always amazed at what the kids come up with. This is the pattern we give them. The turkey is from Lita Lita. Here are a few from this year. We have the kids include speech bubbles with their turkeys. It’s a short piece of writing, but it is great for discussing writing from 1st person point-of-view and persuasive techniques. You can get your own copy of this PowerPoint file here. I’ve included an editable parent letter that you can customize to your liking. Have a great week!