17 diy Maquillaje mascaras ideas

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Homemade Mascara: All Natural Healthy Makeup – Pins and Procrastination

Mascara is one of those products that is even worse than you think. From parabens, fragrance, to coal tar dies, these just aren’t things you want in and around your eyes. So, make your own at home! This natural DIY mascara gives a lovely light natural-looking emphasis to your lashes without irritation or worries about health and environmental concerns. #naturalmakeup #cleanbeauty #cleanmakeup #nontoxicproducts #naturalmakeupproducts Ever since starting to research the harmful ingredients in cosmetic products, I’ve been trying to make my own cosmetic products. Makeup has been the hardest to replace. With colors and consistencies, it’s just sometimes hard to make. I’ve been trying for quite a while now to make a new mascara, with many many messes happening….Read More »