17 diy House out of boxes ideas

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DIY Window Boxes

DIY Window Boxes - DIY Window Boxes -   17 diy House out of boxes ideas
DIY Window Boxes – Add curb appeal to your house with these beautiful custom DIY window boxes! Cedar & Stone Farmhouse #curbappeal #diy#windowboxes?Your baby loves dolls !? ? ?This house will be an original gift! ? ?I will become a home for your favorite doll! ? ?The house is made of fabric on a plastic base! Very easy! Hand wash is allowed! ? Size: Height-22 cm, Length-22 cm, Width -14 cm ?? The small house is suitable for any girl, especially since now Lol dolls are very popular with children! ???? . ?? Also, the Handbag will serve as an excellent gift for the girl on any holiday! ? . ?? Surprise your little daughter with an original gift! ?? The doll is not included in the lot price. Recommended care: machine washing is not allowed. Allow only soft hand washing in warm water. WARNING: the part contains small parts .Do not allow young children to play alone with him, because they can try to swallow it. The kit includes a bag house, a bed for a doll with a canopy, a blanket, a knitted carpet and flowers!