17 diy Bed Frame plywood ideas

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8 Plywood Headboard + Bed DIY Ideas

the space over a couch or over a bed? random thick wires or small branches? 3ft x 3ft ish? i like it. You can never really go wrong with a minimalist look, and it seems that the plywood look has turned into a classic after all these years. It doesn’t really seem to be dating itself and if accessorized right, it can be a really great look on a budget. Here are a few that crossed our radar. 1. Floating Headboard (Above). A perfect accessorized headboard from Gravity Home via Roomed. 2. Minimalist DIY Headboard This project from Mr. Kate with three shelves is a nice touch. 3. How To Make a Double Duty Bedhead A clever project from Homes to Love. 4. Finishing Touches This one with a matching head and foot board is also finished. By Mark Tuckey via Inside Out Magazine. 5. DIY Simple Bedframe A great project if you need a frame too! From The Merrythought. 6. Floating Bedside Boxes We’re not only loving the floating bedside box shelves, but also the colour of this headboard from Piper Winston. 7. The Plywood Daybed The ladies at The Merrythought made this brilliant daybed, now you can too! Click here for the how-to. 8. Nice Accessories Also love how this one is accessorized by Miss Jettle.