17 diy Baby box ideas

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New baby gift, Busy cube

New baby gift, Busy cube - New baby gift, Busy cube -   17 diy Baby box ideas
A small cotton blanket with a sensory cube will be a great gift for young parents and their baby! The blanket 90×90 cm will help you to protect your baby from the cold when he sleeps in a stroller on a walk. And it can be used as a play mat on the beach or in the park. Busy cube is a great toy on the road for the baby. This cube is a double-sided, so you can make several different versions of the toy. Connecting buttons and loops are on both sides of the pieces, so you can literally turn the cube on the inside. The set has six pieces of 13×13 cm. Two of them with holes for small toys. And the other have different pictures that baby can play with, developing fine motor skills of hands and sensory skills. You can also make a play mat, a quiet book or a busy board from this pieces. The set has a carbine, so you can fasten one piece or cube to the stroller or car seat. There are also wooden and crocheted teethers in the set. —————————- The photo shows the finished product, it will be sent to you immediately after payment.