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Girl Boss Quote - Girl Boss Quote -   17 beauty Inspiration frases ideas
Successful girl bosses were once little girls too. They had dreams and they went out and achieved them. “Little girls with dreams become women with vision.” Learn how to make your own Lady Boss quote with Compo ? I took a job a year ago and walked away from my handmade business and this blog, although to be honest.. I had been sputtering along for a while on both. Discouraged, unsure and needing steady income for the life journey ahead (more on that in future posts) I just left it all be and didn’t close doors but didn’t actually stay either…. I’ve dealt with some medical stuff that needed dealing with (MUCH more on that soon as well) , I’ve settled into a full time work schedule and adjusted as needed. But….something has been missing, I’ve felt lonely and not quite in synch with myself and wondered what it was I needed to do. I woke in the middle of the night and heard a whisper “time to get back to work”…. and if I have learned one thing…trust the whispers. I have absolutely NO IDEA what shape this will take or the frequency with which I will create and write. I know my work space has sat empty and unused with projects in the middle of being made. Writings in the middle of being written and ideas left alone to wait for me to return. Here is the first of it. warming up my writing brain and hoping that what is inside will come out the way I want it to but also just trusting that this is exactly where I need to be. A sweet inspiration for a collection of handmade goods is sprouting and I’m going to follow it all where it leads. I know I ask this a lot but it’s true…I hope you will come along with me. Time to wake up my maker, writer soul and get back to work. The whisper said so. Love B