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How sweet is @cnsdesignsanddecor office space? ?? I mean who could get work done in a room like this?! We would be too busy daydreaming on how beautiful this space really is. Shiplap from top to bottom and our heart is having palpitations! ??? ?? We really love this HUGE DIY desk that she has set up. You could easily fit three people at this desk and get all of your work done! This is certainly a DIY paradise! Let’s skip work, shall we? ???? ?? ??Let your walls MOTIVATE you! Of course, not only your walls! Decal comes in various size, also can be made a custom size and custom color, to fit the any space. Decal can be applied anywhere you want – on walls, glass, wood, laptop, tablet, car, etc. Just go ahead and be creative! QUOTE: We’re getting there WHAT’S INCLUDED: – Application tool – Decal – “We’re getting there” – Application instruction DEFAULT COLOUR: BLACK CUSTOM COLOR: For custom color, contact me before ordering, or leave a note on the checkout with the color/colors you want. You can choose colors from the color chart. Please specify the desired colour. If you want the decal in two colours, please specify A & B colour *If the colour change is not specified on the chekout, decal will be automatically sent in the default colour. SIZE: Small – W-31” H – 20” (79cm, 51cm) Medium – W- 67” H – 43” (170cm , 109cm) Large – W – 104” H – 66” (264cm,166cm) Custom – Your size (for custom size, please contact me before ordering!) CUSTOM SIZE: If you want a custom size, please get in touch with me. SHIPPING: Decals are shipped worldwide! There are two shipping options: – Post Service (delivery time 1-2 weeks) – FedEx (delivery time 2-4 days) Please double check on your address before you place an order. HOW TO APPLY YOUR DECAL: 1 – Clean up the surface. Make sure it’s dry and free from dust. 2 – Make a plan of your decal position 3 – Use tape to hold down the decal at one edge. 4 – Peel off the backing paper. 5 – Use application tool to press the decal firmly to the surface. 6 – Slowly peel off the adhesive paper on the front until whole decal is done.