16 diy Outdoor fireplace ideas

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Cultured Stone® – Country Ledgestone, Wolf Creek®.

Cultured Stone® – Country Ledgestone, Wolf Creek®. - Cultured Stone® – Country Ledgestone, Wolf Creek®. -   16 diy Outdoor fireplace ideas
Curl up beside this cozy outdoor fireplace featuring our faux stone veneer. Take outdoor living to new heights with a gas range fireplace, perfect for entertaining family and friends. Interested in learning more about this stone? Click to learn more & how to find Cultured Stone® in a store near you: www.allthingsstone.comThis Outdoor Fireplace is Affordable and Easy to Build. Instructions are easy to follow and detailed. When an ugly round firepit won’t suite the beauty of your home, this upscale fireplace will work. This fireplace is perfect when the $3000.00 size and style is over your budget. The back on a fireplace prevents the wind blowing smoke at you…better than a firepit! Although I had my teen boys dig the 6″ set in area and shovel the concrete, I designed and built the rest. Yes, this is doable by someone with no prior masonry skills. Tiling a wall or floor was more difficult to me ! Our family is enjoying this fireplace daily. My husband and I often sit outside in front of our fireplace to read without building a fire…it is a peaceful place. Our teens will get off the computers to sit with us at night and roast marshmallows and hotdogs! Our campfire grill fits right inside and we grilled steaks to perfection! We have plenty of kindling from fallen twigs! I would love any letters of enjoyment when you create and use your fireplace! In 2003 this project cost me $265.00 at Home Depot, before tax. Your price will vary with store, location and current pricing. Rumblestone (trademarked brand) was chosen by me. The measurements are given for each stone, and can be substituted. The blue stone hearth and side caps were purchased at a landscape company. The price will vary greatly by style and location.