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Interchangeable HOME Sign

Interchangeable HOME Sign - Interchangeable HOME Sign -   16 diy Furniture livingroom ideas

Looking for a sign for all seasons? Search no more! This DIY “Welcome to our HOME” wood sign has interchangeable pieces for the O. Can be used year round. Used scroll saw to cut pieces for O. Be inspired to make your own! #DIYwoodsign #scrollsaw #HOMEsign #DIY HOME Sign available for purchase HEREThis man of mine. He’s a funny one. We joked for days that his head would explode from all the views and that he was Instafamous! Ha! Really though, he just likes to make people smile… so bless him. And if his video inspires someone to make this awesome sign, PERFECT!Every year, the ladies in my church have what we call a Super Saturday. We craft things for our homes, as well as create gifts for others for Christmas. A year ago (maybe 2, who knows), we did a HOME sign with a cute green wreath as the O. The wreath definitely had a spring feel to it. It had a few of us thinking that would it be nice to have a sign that we could use for EVERY season.HOME Sign available for purchase HERE.I won’t lie… this sign was a BEAST to make. Each piece was hand cut by me on the scroll saw and then hand painted… every last dot. It was quite the project. A whole lot of love and time went in to this baby.I used 3 (Common: 1/2-in x 4-in x 2-ft; Actual: 0.5-in x 3.5-in x 2-ft) Poplar Board from Lowes and cut them to 20 inches long each. The 2 pieces on the back were cut from 1 (Common: 1/4-in x 2-in x 2-ft; Actual: 0.25-in x 1.5-in x 2-ft) Poplar Board. I made them long enough to go across all three boards at 9 inches each. I left a slight gap in between the boards before gluing (and nailing) them together.The sign dimensions ended up being 10.5 inches x 20 inches.Once the glue dried, I used my go-to stain color, Provincial (Minwax). Its my favorite. But really, you can stain and/or paint it whatever color you like. I did a coat of white paint over the stain and distressed it just a bit…. I wanted a neutral sign that wouldn’t clash with the seasonal pieces. But you do you! You can do whatever color/stain you like – BE CREATIVE!I created a stencil using my Silhouette to paint the lettering for the sign. It takes more time than just using vinyl as the lettering, but I love the painted look.For the pieces, I traced different seasonal images and cut them on my scroll saw. I decided to go very simple with the painting – solid background with dots in a complementing color. It was a labor of love, but I love how each piece turned out!It was a big hit with friends and family. They even had suggestions for more pieces! I ended up adding a couple pieces for the sign – a TURKEY for Thanksgiving and a BALLOON for birthdays!Its so stinking cute and I love that it can be used YEAR ROUND! New Pieces have been added:The HOME sign is available for purchase HERE.Follow me on Facebook and Instagram for more DIY Crafts & Projects.