16 diy Bookshelf for teens ideas

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Wall Shelf Ideas for More Storage Space

Shelves that you select the size? Done. Easy, no-measure wall storage is at your fingertips with the Tylko app. Just design and adjust the wall shelves that suit you, then see them live in your space with augmented reality so you can be sure they fit. Use the app to get ideas and inspiration for a little extra wall storage in bedrooms, living rooms, small spaces and more #wallstorage #storageideas #wallstoragebedroom #wallstorageideasforsmallspaces #bedroomideas Ana White over at Knock Off Wood has inspired so much creativity in me! I turned what was a closet made T.V. room into an office nook in the girls suite. The transformation was accomplished by using a DIY video demonstration for a built-in bookcase (see here) and tweaking the design a bit. I also moved the already completed farmhouse table turned desk (see here) into the room. You can see the table peeking out on the right. The little closet is now a toy/book storage area as well as a workspace for my two girlees! Details to follow. After the office space was completed, I attempted to create my own version of Ana’s upholstered toddler daybed in twin size!!!!! Can’t wait to share! First the bookcases…. The finished product! Still a wreck needing to be organized & decorated, but you get the idea! Step 1: empty room Step 2: Build bases (I decided to build two separate 4′ wide bookcases instead of an 8′ long one). Step 3: Cover the base Step4, 5,6, 7 and 8:add upright pieces, add top runner on the wall, add top, add shelves and add face trim. To aid in clean up/ ease in preparing for paint, I built the bookcases on flattened paper grocery bags, that way they slipped right out after painting. Showing the face trim being installed. Last step: Added a piece of crown molding to the top to finish it off. Painted primer Painted with trim paint. Not too bad for a weekend project, eh?!